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Double Glazing Funding

Homeowners could be entitled to funding or grants for Double Glazing

FAQ - Double Glazing Funding
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Double Glazing Funding FAQ Page

How does double/triple glazing work and what’s the difference?

Find out exactly how double glazing and triple glazing works, what the cost saving benefits are and most importantly which is better.

How much do UPVC Windows Cost?

We can give you a rough idea of average installation costs, however it is impossible to predict the exact costs without a full survey to determine the sizes and installation difficulty. The average costs of replacing windows and doors in a standard home is around £4800 to £7200.

How much do Patio Doors cost?

The Cost of Patio doors is variable depending on the size, colour and styling you choose. It’s hard to give an exact figure on the price of new patio doors but things to take into consideration is are their old doors to replace and what condition they’re in. If you’d like to get a quote on replacing your old doors then click here.

How much do UPVC Doors cost?

UPVC Doors are an essential element of every modern home. They provide great security, style and insulation which are all key factors when it comes to keeping your bills down and keeping your home safe. The price of UPVC Doors again is variable and can change depending on what style, colour or size your door is but by reading our guide you will gain insights into the average costs you can expect for UPVC Doors.

What is the average cost of Composite Doors

Composite Doors are a style & Security upgrade on traditional UPVC Doors. Composite Doors are a lot stronger than UPVC Doors and have a much higher security rating compared to UPVC foam doors. If you’re thinking about having your UPVC Door replaced we would highly recommend installing a composite door instead. Composite doors can vary in price which is why you should turn to our guide to get a good idea.

Who provides the funding for the grants?

The Help 2 Buy Windows Grant initiative was first launched in February of 2018 to help those in difficult circumstances with the cost of replacing windows and doors. This scheme is funded entirely by private donations from the company, its staff, contractors and partnering organizations. The Help 2 Buy Windows Grant Incentive is not a Government organization and receives no financial help from the UK Government.

How do they decide who qualifies for a grant?

The H2B Windows Grant Scheme currently provides aid to those meeting a set qualifying criteria. As their website states the grant fund is limited, they made the decision to help the most needy persons they find on a first come first served basis. H2B Windows currently offer help to Single Parent Homeowners, with disabled or critically ill children, Employed, self employed with a low income under £10,000. As more funds become available they state that this may change and the company reserves the right to change its qualifying criteria without prior notice and offer grants outside of this criteria at their discretion.

What if you don’t qualify for a grant?

They say they will offer you an alternative option that would be most beneficial to your circumstances. This could be an alternative option of funding or financing via one of their partner companies. They will confirm that you are happy to deal with a partnering company and they will continue your application process.