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Buying Double Glazing online

Double glazing is an excellent investment as it brings so much to your home. When your windows and doors are armed with double glazing, they trap in more heat and keep out more noise. As a result, your property is more energy-efficient and soundproof!

Most of you are aware of these benefits, which is why you’re looking to buy double glazing online. However, it’s essential that you make an informed decision when purchasing your new windows online. So, we’ve created this in-depth guide to buying double glazing online. Read through everything and you’ll soon know everything there is to know about double glazed windows and doors.

Different Types Of Double Glazing Windows

Naturally, before you buy any new windows online, you have to decide what type suits you best. When it comes to double glazing, there are a few common window types to choose from. This section will walk you through each of them.

Casement Windows

Your next option is a classic type of window. Casement windows have hinges on one side that let you open it outward. They let in a lot of air to your home and come with a certain elegance. You can either have them so the window opens out from the side – like a door – or from the top/bottom.

There are French casement windows too, which feature two windows that both open outwards – with a uPVC pillar in the middle. You can have one open and one closed, or both open for maximum ventilation on hot days.

Sash Windows

A unique double glazing window as these open by sliding the pane upwards. With this type, you have two parts to the window itself. Firstly, there’s the fixed sash that sits at the top and doesn’t move. Then, there’s the sliding sash that moves upward when the window is opened. Most of these windows come with locking features that let you choose how high up you want the sash to be opened. They’re a great space-saving option if you can’t open your windows internally/externally.

Tilt & Turn Windows

As the name may allude to, these windows can both tilt and turn. You can alter the way you open them based on how you’re feeling. The tilt option means hinges at the bottom let it tilt inwards. Here, you get a little bit of ventilation coming into your home. The turn option means you use hinges on the side to turn the window open. It pulls inside your home, so you need to have ample space.

Some of these windows have dual turn hinges that mean you open them from either side.

Sliding Windows

A sliding uPVC window is essentially a smaller version of a patio door. It opens and closes by sliding the pane across to the side. Again, much like sash windows, you can alter how far you slide these windows open, to let in more or less air. Also, they’re another excellent space-saving option to consider.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are perfect for homes with alcoves – which is a typical design in a lot of older properties. They sit along a curved space and provide so much light for your property. Typically, they involved a number of fixed windows that don’t open at all. However, it’s not unheard of for the top half of one or two windows to open outward in the traditional casement style.

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What Are The Average Costs For Double Glazing Windows?

Double glazing uPVC windows vary in cost depending on a few factors:

When it comes to window styles, the typical cost of uPVC windows is as follows:

These prices are based on a window that’s 100cm x 100cm in size, with no added extras and a simple white uPVC frame. Of course, the cost of other windows will vary as well. Bay windows and sliding windows tend to be slightly more expensive. Bay windows are probably the most costly because they tend to be larger, and there’s more of them.

Naturally, the size of the windows matters as well. It’s simple; the bigger the window, the more expensive it will be.

The same goes for energy efficiency. The higher the energy rating, the more costly a uPVC window becomes. This is because they cost more to make, and they also provide you with more benefits through the boosted energy efficiency.

Next, you have to think about all the added features as well. Windows can be altered in so many different ways. Here are a few common extras you may want to think about:

Finally, the number of windows needed in your home will make a difference as well. Of course, the more windows you require, the more expensive double glazing becomes. As an example, installing 4 casement windows can cost between £1450-£1700, while installing 7 of the same windows costs £2500 minimum.

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Different Types Of Double Glazing Doors

You’ve seen the different types of double glazing windows and the average costs, now it’s time to look at the doors. If you’re buying new doors online, then these are the typical styles to choose from:

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are sliding doors that feature numerous large glass panels and a uPVC frame. They have an intriguing design that means they let in lots of natural light when closed. However, the opening mechanism is genius. These doors slide along a tracking system and basically fold in on themselves as they close. They can open internally or externally – this style has a lot of flexibility. You usually have anywhere between two or seven panels in a bi-fold door system, it depends on how long you need it to be.

Sliding doors

These are probably the most common type of patio door out there. Usually, you have two huge glass panes that open up your room and let in so much light. They work with ease; one pane slides back behind the other. Modern sliding doors are made with very thin frames that almost make them invisible. As such, you get a proper panoramic effect. There are fewer panels as well, which makes them so easy for you to operate and open. Plus, there’s less chance of these doors breaking.

French doors

French doors are similar to the French casement windows mentioned earlier in this guide. Here, you have double doors that both open outward. They’re a great option if you want a stylish door to provide access to your garden/patio. They also feature more designs on the glass than the other two options. As such, they’re definitely more aesthetically orientated than practical.

Entrance doors

Lastly, you have entrance doors to think about as well. Usually, this mainly refers to your front door. Here, there are loads of styles to choose from. Some will use more double glazing than others, which will obviously affect the pricing.

Then, you also have backdoors. These can be similar to front doors but often include more glass. As such, they work out as slightly more expensive.
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What Are The Average Costs For Double Glazing Doors?

Much like double glazing windows, your doors will vary in price based on these factors:

When it comes to the type of door, prices fluctuate a lot. However, these are the typical costs on average:

It’s important to note that the prices for the last three types are based on two doors. So, if you need more doors to make up your patio, then expect to pay more.

Of course, size matters as well. Here, we’re talking about the number of doors as well as the actual dimensions. Patio doors that go from floor to ceiling are much bigger than a front door with a slight bit of glass in it. Obviously, the wider a wall is, the more doors you need to make up a patio door. So, the size of your property will play a pretty significant role here.

Again, if you want uPVC double glazing that’s of the highest energy efficiency, then be prepared to pay the most for it.

When it comes to glass styles, things get interesting. You can have tinted glass for patio doors as this helps control the light levels better than just plain double glazing. But, front doors and back doors can also come with decorative and patterned glass. Then, there’s extra-security double glazing that features reinforced panes. Some doors come with this to protect your home even more. As you can imagine, if you want any glass styles other than the norm, you will have to pay more.

The same goes for the extras; if you want specific finished for the door frames – or fancy handles – then the price rises.

How To Buy Double Glazing Online

In this part of the guide, we’ll provide some actionable tips to help you buy double glazing online for the best price possible.

Figure out how much double glazing you need

Look at your home and decide how many new windows or doors you require. The amount of double glazing required will play a big role in the overall price.

Choose the styles

Naturally, you need to choose the specific styles for all the windows and doors you’re buying. When you purchase uPVC online, styles are a significant price factor. As we’ve demonstrated above, the more elaborate styles with innovative opening mechanisms tend to be more expensive. If you want to keep costs as low as possible, then opt for something simple like casement windows and a sliding patio door.

Consider any extras

Again, if you want to keep the costs as low as possible, then don’t add any extra features to your windows or doors. But, if you need special glass for bathroom windows, or you want specific handles, then add these into the equation as well.

Compare quotes

Finally, you need to compare a handful of quotes from trusted double glazing installers. Shop around to see what the average prices are for your specific requirements. Here, you’ll find out which companies offer the best deals, and how you can save a significant amount of money.

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If you want to buy double glazing online, then pay attention to everything in our guide. It’s vital that you take everything into consideration before you make your purchase. Double glazing is a big investment, but it’s worthwhile. So, think long and hard before you depart with your hard-earned cash.

Also, if you need help buying double glazing, then we might be able to help. At Double Glazing Funding, we can help you figure out if you’re eligible for funding or grants. Fill in our quick Grant Checker form, and you will see if you qualify for any of the funding options available. If you do, then it means you can get double glazing without causing a lot of financial stress!
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Buying Double Glazing online
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