Everything You Need to Know About Composite Doors: Cost, Styles, and More

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Composite door with side panel, anthracite grey
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Looking for the perfect new front door? Hold your horses and dive into our all-encompassing guide before you make a decision! Discover the allure of composite front doors and why they've gained immense popularity in recent times. Outperforming traditional wooden or uPVC doors, composite doors bring a wealth of advantages to the table. This fascinating article will reveal all there is to know about composite doors, delving into their pricing, available styles, and much more! Get ready to be enthralled as you explore the world of composite doors.

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What is a composite door?

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A composite door is a modern style made from a combination of materials, including a solid timber core, PVC, and glass-reinforced plastic. This makes them stronger and more durable than traditional wooden and uPVC doors. 

This immediately offers significant advantages since each material strengthens the composition.

With a composite front door, you get the best of both worlds: solid hardwood doors' strength and durability and the long lifetime and thermal efficiency of a uPVC door.

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Composite  Doors vs uPVC Doors

Benefits of composite doors

There are many benefits to be had by installing a composite door. Some of the most notable benefits include:

Increased home security -

Composite doors are solid and durable, making them much more resistant to break-ins than traditional wooden or uPVC doors.

Most composite doors are built with an anti-snap cylinder with anti-drill and anti-pick properties. These sophisticated security systems are feasible because of the door's enhanced materials. With a door made just of plastic, it is challenging to install high-security locking devices with the same dependability.

Composite doors are also so strong and thick that they're nearly impossible to kick down. So, you don't have to worry about someone trying to break down your front door through brute force. You need to have a proper battering ram to make a dent in your composite door.

Even the police will struggle to break down composite doors!

Consequently, if you want to ensure your family remains safe at all times, then a composite door should be the only choice for you. UPVC isn't unsafe, but they cannot compete compared to a composite option might.

Excellent energy efficiency -

Composite doors have incredible thermal efficiency due to their extra 20mm thickness. Meaning they can help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

It makes you far more comfortable, and it also means you can turn your heating to a lower setting. Consequently, we can say that the thermal efficiency of front doors helps lower your energy bills as well.

Weather-proof and low maintenance -

Composite doors are incredibly weather-proof because of the GRP (glass reinforced polyester); external composite doors don't fade or stain in the sun; the same can't be said for the uPVC counterpart.

They stand up well against rain and snow, and the GRP will protect the solid timber core from rotting.

Better looking -

While UPVC doors come in more colours, you can't deny that composite doors are far better looking. To start, they ooze class and quality. The difference is striking when you put a stunning composite door next to a UPVC door.

You get a serious wow factor with a composite door that UPVC ones can't match.

Many composite door styles are available, and choosing the right one will instantly upgrade your curb appeal.

You can also have many glass patterns, which lets you alter traditional and contemporary front door designs.

Interestingly, while they're available in fewer colours than UPVC doors, composite doors are more flexible in the overall design. If you want to buy a door that will upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your home, then composite is the only way forward.

Keeps your home quiet -

Due to the extra thickness we mentioned earlier, installing a grp composite door will help reduce noise pollution outside your home.

If you live on a busy street or have noisy neighbours, a new composite front door will help to reduce the noise from those passing cars or late-night music.

Installing double glazing, triple glazing, and a new composite door will provide you with a quieter home.

Black composite front door
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Are composite front doors better than uPVC?

If you want the best front door for your home, composite is far superior to uPVC.

Not only are composite front doors more secure than a standard uPVC door, but it also looks better and lasts longer!

While the price of composite doors is slightly higher than uPVC, you will see a return on your investment over the long run, with savings in energy bills. Installing a composite door will likely reduce your energy bills and help to reduce draughts in your hallway.

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What are the average composite door prices?

Supplying a composite door would usually cost the installer around £400 - £1050, depending on the quality and building process.

You'll be looking to pay around £300 - £450 to install it.

That said, the price to have a high-quality composite door can be as much as £1500.

Undeniably, it will be more cost-effective to have the door installed by a reputable double-glazing installer, so you'll be able to take advantage of discounts based on how much you'll spend.

Even with the high cost of UK composite doors, you can still get cheap ones installed by a reputable local double-glazing company, so be sure to look around and find the right installer.

You can compare composite door prices or view the full range by clicking here to get a quote from a trusted installer.

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How can I identify a reputable installer for a new composite front door?

You'll want to find a member of a trade organisation or federation, such as the glass and glazing federation (GGF) or Fensa. This guarantees that their work has been authorised and that they comply with all necessary standards, as the last thing you want is low-quality construction.

Double Glazing Funding can take the hassle out of this process as we only allow reputable, fully insured, and ethical companies to service our work; you can also benefit from our best-for-less price promise!

We can confidently guarantee you will not find a new door at a lower price better door at a lower price anywhere else!

If you have been getting quotes for new external doors, you'll know composite exterior doors aren't the cheapest option. The price of a new composite door is often the main deterrent; sometimes, it can cost as much as 60% more.

Although some may consider it a disadvantage, there is an excellent reason for the additional cost.

There must be a price for all of the benefits and advantages. As a result, you will get what you pay for: a high-quality, high-security door with customisable designs and features.

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What are the composite door styles available?

Many different door styles are available. For example, many composite door colours and finishes are available, like; brushed stainless steel, Anthracite grey, Chartwell green, Duck egg blue, or even a natural wood finish.

You can also have your new front door installed with a side panel, a set of double doors, different frame shapes, and all kinds of door furniture.

You will always be able to find the perfect composite door for you, as most installers have an extensive composite door range for you to choose from.

Contemporary composite doors -

As the name would suggest, these are composite front doors with a modern and contemporary look. They're perfect for those who want to keep a modern aesthetic to their home. Glazed panels to the side of the door complement these doors the most.

Traditional composite doors -

Traditional composite doors are perfect for those who want a classic look at their home.

New doors in the traditional range often come with glass patterns & windows, which allow more light to enter your property.

Cottage composite doors -

Cottage composite doors give a home that rustic cottage feel. This style will suit your home if you have a rural home in the countryside or village.

Composite stable door  -

Stable doors are perfect for those who have a barn or stables as it gives that country feel.

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Here is a selection of composite door designs:

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Why should you buy a composite door?

It's pretty simple; you should buy a composite door if you want to get value for money and fit your house with the best type of front door out there.

If your current door is outdated and shows signs of wear and tear, upgrade to a composite today.

You'll have something built to last for decades and requires little-to-no maintenance.

Buying a composite door is also an excellent idea for anyone looking to renovate their property.

This is it if you want a home improvement idea that instantly makes a difference.

The sheer style and beauty of these doors will boost your curb appeal when the door is installed.

Plus, you also get all the other benefits that come with it.

In reality, the question shouldn't be, 'why should you buy a composite door?' It should be 'why wouldn't you buy a composite door?'.

Realistically, they are far superior in every category, and UPVC doors have become outdated.

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Summary of Composite doors

To sum everything up, composite doors boast way more benefits than standard UPVC front doors.

We're not saying that UPVC doors are terrible. If anything, it's more a case of composite doors being superior in every way.

So, if you want the very best front door, it has to be composite.

Most new houses also use composite doors, so it's very much the modern trend.

These doors are built for the future, making them a worthwhile investment for your property.

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