Cost Of Replacing Misted Double Glazing Units

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Sometimes, you might find that your windows are misted up and need replacement, but what is the cost of replacing misted double-glazing units? Find out if you could qualify for a FREE replacement under the new energy-efficient grant scheme!

misted glass before and after repair

When water or other moisture finds its way inside your double-glazing unit, it often causes condensation and a horrible misting. Not only does this lead to trouble looking through the window, but it is also a sign that your windows are malfunctioning or have not been installed correctly.

To continue saving money on your energy bills, we advise that you replace these windows. New windows that do not mist and are correctly installed are great at preventing heat and energy loss.

To get the most out of your double-glazing units, we suggest you bring in a professional to ensure that every one of your windows is installed perfectly.

If you are worried about prices, then do not worry! This guide will take you through the cost of replacing your misted double-glazing units.

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What Causes Misted Double Glazing Units?

Double glazing is incredibly effective at keeping heat and energy inside your home. This is because it consists of two layers of glass.

The gap between each layer is filled with a non-conductive gas (usually argon or xenon). This creates a barrier between the inside of your home and the cold outside world. A sound barrier is also created.

When your windows begin to mist up, it is usually a sign of a problem. Whether it is a problem with the installation, or the double glazing itself, you must have it looked at.

When the units have not been installed correctly, it can allow water to seep into the gap between each layer. This water then causes condensation that spreads over the glass.

Water is more conductive than gas, allowing much more heat to escape through the window panes. This also means a gap in the seal, meaning that your windows will not be working efficiently as they should.

If you are experiencing mist outside the glass, as opposed to inside the panes, you should not worry!

Misting on the outside of your windows is just a result of changing temperatures throughout the day. New double-glazing units will often be seen with condensation on the outside.

This is because they are working at maximum efficiency.

Cost Of Replacing Misted Double Glazing Units
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Benefits Of Repairing Misted Double Glazing Units

When dealing with misted windows, you might notice that your double glazing windows units are not performing as they should.

Repairing your misted windows is the cheaper option, and can provide many benefits to your home, and your energy bills:

  • Save more energy - when you have misty windows, it usually means that there is a gap in your double glazing seal. This means that your windows will be letting out way too much heat and energy. By replacing your windows, you can find that you save loads more energy (reducing your bills!).
  • Improved property appearance - misty windows do not look good, so if you want to make your house look good then you should replace your windows. In a lot of cases, improving property appearance can actually help boost your property value - making it a worthy investment!
  • Increased security - windows that are not insulating properly, and are misting up are probably not as secure as they should be. Repairing or replacing your misted double glazing units can not only strengthen your security but can act as somewhat of a deterrent for intruders. Your home is more likely to be targeted if it has damaged windows.
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What Happens If I Do Not Replace Them?

We would always advise that you replace your misted double glazing units. If you do not then it could lead to bigger issues:

  • Rotting frames - the constant presence of water and dampness can lead to faulty frames. If ignored, you might just find that you need to replace your entire window. This will land you with a much larger bill than if you only had your windows repaired.
  • Excess of dampness - The condensation of your window units can lead to overwhelming dampness in that area of your property. This can further lead to the growth of mould and other unwanted bacteria. Once it has taken hold in your home, it can be both difficult and expensive to get remove.
  • Risk of medical issues - When mould and dampness takes a place in your home, it can lead to many health problems. Living in an environment that is constantly damp and mouldy can put you at risk of developing respiratory infections, allergic reactions, and even asthma. Living in this kind of environment also opens you up to the chance of developing an auto-immune system issue.
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Can You Do It Yourself?

Whether you are a DIY whizz, or you have never picked up a hammer in your life, replacing or repairing your own double glazing units can be a risky business.

If you are trying to do it yourself to reduce the cost of replacing misted double glazing units, you must make sure that you are incredibly precise and accurate with measurements.

If your new double glazing units are slightly mismeasured you could find yourself with windows that are too large for your wall, or too small. This can create even more expensive problems.

By installing your own windows, you may end up with the same problem of misted-up windows.

If you do not install them perfectly, you could have another breach in the insulating seal, allowing more water to seep into the glazing.

If you want to avoid hassle, then we recommend that you get in touch with a qualified installer.

What Is The Cost Of Replacing Misted Double Glazing Units?

There are a number of reasons why you should replace a misted window unit. If you want to ensure that your new windows are installed correctly, you should bring in a certified window specialist.

There are a number of factors that will affect the overall price for replacing or repairing your double glazing units.

One factor is whether you need to replace your windows, or if you can get away with repairing them. While it can be more expensive to completely replace the unit, it might actually be worth it in the long run.

Either way, you should act fast to save as much money as possible - the longer its left, the more expensive it will be to get rid of the damp.

Another factor that you should consider is the type of windows. If you have more simple, smaller windows, then it is going to be cheaper to repair or replace them than if you had a large bay window.

In terms of replacing or repairing, on average the price tends to fall between £70 and £400.

The cost of labour needs to be taken into account when you bring in a professional.

This might seem like an extra cost that you could do without, and while you can DIY your own windows, a professional is likely to it better, faster, and make less mess.

The property location and the number of windows that need replacing are also contributing factors.

SizeWindow CostLabour Cost
Small Double Glazed Unit£70 - £150£40
Mid Double Glazed Unit£212 - £300£45
Large Double Glazed Unit£325 - £500£50
*Prices are a rough estimate and are subject to changes and fluctuation
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How To Avoid Misted Windows In The Future

  • Look after your windows. Give them a clean every so often, and check for any damage. This way, you will notice any problems as soon as possible, and be able to deal with them before they become a bigger problem.
  • If your windows are old and battered, it might be worth replacing them even without misting. While windows can last a long time, they will still get old and broken eventually, which could lead to more misted units.
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In Summary

Misted windows are the result of improperly installed windows, and water seeping in through a gap in the seal.

The condensation can be very damaging to both your property and potentially your health. Repairing or replacing your misted windows can result in the arrival of great benefits to you, your home, and your energy bills.

Here at Double Glazing Funding, we would definitely recommend replacing your damaged or misted double glazing units.

If you are worried about the cost of replacing misted double-glazing units, then head over to our funding checker to see if you are eligible for funding or grants!

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