Everything You Need To Know About Bay Windows

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Say goodbye to confusion and uncertainty when it comes to bay windows! This comprehensive guide will leave you an expert on all things bay windows, and you'll have peace of mind knowing how to save money on your purchase.

Don't let the cost of new bay windows catch you by surprise. Get the facts and make an informed decision with our expert guide.

Get ready to learn about bay windows and discover the funding options available to UK homeowners.

Let's dive in and start with the basics...

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What Is A Bay Window?

A bay window is generally a sequence of windows that make up a bay protruding from a wall within a room; there are a few different bay windows that we can help you get funding for.

These are some of the styles. Check them out;

Circle Windows - Form a semi-circle protruding from the wall of your property, usually made up of several window frames joined together using bay posts.

The Box Window - Usually made up of 3 window frames joined in the corners with a 90-degree bay post, giving a square shape protruding from the wall.

A Bow Window - These are among the most popular types due to the light they let into the property, usually including more opening sashes than a typical bay window.

How much is a bay window

How Much Are They?

Bay or Bow windows can vary massively in price. This is due to many factors, such as; the quality of the frames, installer markup, U-Value of the windows, size of the bay, and type of window selected.

This makes it hard to give an exact price. But the average bay window can start from as little as £1100. We also have some outstanding grants and funding options available to homeowners. You can apply here. It only takes a few seconds. What have you got to lose?

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Bay Window Materials

Bay windows come in a range of materials, the two most popular being: UPVC and Aluminium.

Both options have advantages, UPVC windows being the most cost-effective solution.

Both options have similar benefits.


  • Thermally efficient
  • Cheaper
  • They look impressive
  • Strong load-bearing capabilities

UPVC bay windows are generally far more common due to the reduced costs and the large variety of options available.

Manufacturing times are usually much less, which can be an advantage if you are working to a timescale, or you can't wait to have your new windows installed.

Double Glazing Funding has a wide variety of funding options available and will give you the best advice when selecting installers to fit your new bay window!

How to install

How To Install A Bay Window

We would not recommend that you attempt to install your bay windows, but if you choose to do it, here is how!

1. First, the fitters will remove the existing window or cut a new hole in the wall where the bay window will be positioned.

Removing windows can be quite a dusty, messy experience, but using quality installers will ensure that it is carried out with as little disruption as possible.

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2. Once the window has been removed. The installers will create a new box into which the frames will fit.

3. The window frames can then be installed into the box frame.

4. The roof will then be installed and sealed correctly, usually using lead, trims, and final sealant will be applied to ensure a weatherproof seal is made.

5. Finally, the glass can be installed, cleaned up and wiped down will be carried out.

Double Glazing Funding only uses FENSA, CERTASS or DGCOS registered installers.

Bay window with blind

How To Dress A Bay Window

Now that you have your lovely new windows, the only thing left to do is dress them appropriately!

Bay windows are notoriously hard to dress. You may want to choose a professional company to decorate them for you. After all, you have potentially spent a considerable amount of money installing them!

For those who want to dress their new bay window themselves, here are some ideas and methods you may choose for the perfectly dressed bay window.

Blinds and Curtains:

Blinds and curtains are popular options for dressing windows in the UK. This option can, however, be quite restrictive on the amount of light allowed in.

An image of a bay window

Hanging a curtain for each section:

This option can get highly fiddly, and finding curtain poles to fit each frame can be challenging; if you manage to pull it off, however, it can create quite a spectacular feature in the room.

Hanging a curtain across the front of the bay:

This option is by far the most straightforward. However, seeing as you have already paid for the expensive part, we would advise that you choose one of the above options to give your windows the finish they deserve.

However, if you like the look of this option, it is effortless to complete. Hang a curtain pole stretching the width of the front of the bay, and hang your curtains and position your tie-backs.

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