Install a cat or dog flap in a glass door. Installing a doggie door in double glazed sealed units.

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Installing a dog or cat flap for our canine or feline friends could make a huge difference in their lives. Providing them with the freedom to roam without having to be let out or when it is convenient for you.

It is quite a simple task to install a cat or dog flap into a uPVC double glazed door or patio door, first, choose from one of our registered installers to carry out the installation.

The company may be able to give you an idea of the cost of installing a cat flap prior to visiting your property.

You can start find out more about our registered installers here. and they’ll help you get a pet flap in your glass door.

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Cat or dog flaps can be installed in a number of different glass doors including single glazed, double glazed, French doors, sliding doors, or even windows.

New glass must be manufactured with the hole already in so the unit can remain sealed without misting.

There are several different types of cat flap available on the market and can be purchased for a relatively cheap price. Flaps with microchips can be installed so they are only open for your pet wearing a chip. This can keep unwanted guests from entering the cat or dog flap.

Dog flaps will usually be much larger than a cat flap but should still cost around the same amount for installation, different sizes can be selected based on the breed or size of your pet.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to install a cat flap in a glass door without the help of a professional double glazing installer, the holes in the glass must be cut and sealed properly, so this is not a DIY job.

Here we have a selection of dog flaps for glass doors

GLOGLOW Pet Door Dog Window Gate Round Clear Flap Door with 4 Ways Lock & Liner Kit for Cat Puppy Doggie Best Fits for Screen Window, Sliding Glass Door, Glass Window

The GLOGLOW pet door is a great option for glass doors as it features a modern clean design, it comes equipped with 4 modes for controlling in or out functions. Some people also prefer the clear design as many dog or cat flaps feature a white surround which highlights the fact you have a flap installed.

PetSafe Staywell 4 Way Locking Classic Cat Flap, Easy Install, Durable, Pet Door for Cats – (Tunnel Included)

The PetSafe Staywell is a nice cheap option and one of the top-selling cat flaps on Amazon, it has a simple but effective design and can be installed in glass doors or windows. It can also be installed in wooden doors or walls, easy for DIY cat flap installation.

SureFlap Cat Flap with Microchip Identification, White (4 x AA batteries required)

The SureFlap cat flap is a smart cat flap that only allows cats with a programmed microchip to enter. This cat flap can be installed in a glass door or window. Store up to 32 pets with very simple one-button programming. If you live in an area with many neighborhood cats the microchip identification is a godsend.

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