The Various Types of Conservatories Available: Costs and Benefits

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Conservatory guide 2022

We all know that conservatories are a great addition to any home, offering an extra room for the family and somewhere where you can enjoy the nice weather. However, it is essential to be aware of your options before deciding on which type of conservatory replacement you would like. This article will discuss the various types available, including prices, costs, and benefits. We will also talk about how much it costs to replace a conservatory roof?

What are some of the advantages of adding a conservatory to your home?

There are a variety of reasons you may want to add a conservatory to your house, including:

  • A peaceful haven outside of the house.
  • To create a new office space to work from home
  • For entertaining friends and family
  • To create a new open plan kitchen
  • To create a home gym

Each of these alternatives would impact how the conservatory is built to meet your specific demands.

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Increase the value of your home.

According to property personality Phil Spencer, a conservatory may enhance your house's value by around 7%. However, the actual amount of value it adds will considerably rely on how well your conservatory fits in with its environment.

Based on this logic, a £200,000 property might increase in value by up to £14,000.

Provides an additional room

UPVC conservatories are so well-constructed and protected from the elements that they may be used as a bedroom, living room, or even a kitchen.

We may also assist you in determining the best uses for your new conservatory.

Allows you to connect your property to your garden

A conservatory is a gateway between your house and the outside world; it's not the same as the rest of your home, but it still shields you from the weather while you enjoy your garden and the outside world.

What are the different types of conservatories available?

Edwardian Conservatory

The Edwardian Conservatory

An Edwardian conservatory is a large, less ornate structure with a simple design that mixes elements of an orangery and the conventional Victorian style.

The most significant difference between the Victorian and Edwardian conservatory is that the Victorian has a rounded front, whereas the Edwardian has a square or rectangular shape. The rectangular form uses all available space and may offer an extra living area to your house.

For individuals who prefer the subtle design of the Edwardian period, the Edwardian has a less ornate finish than the Victorian.

Victorian Conservatory

The Victorian Conservatory

A Victorian conservatory is the most often associated with the phrase "classic traditional conservatory."

The Victorian conservatory is a direct descendant of the elaborate glass constructions that were first brought to Britain in the late 1800s.

A Victorian has an apex roofline with crests and spike finials, which is very ornate.

Victorian conservatories have a rounded front compared to other flat-fronted types. Like an extended bay window, the Victorian roof has a faceted front. This bay window effect allows for extensive outside views and makes the inside appear much larger.

The Victorian conservatory is ideal for a traditional home. It's not the greatest option for a bungalow or a new-build modern house because it needs enough roofline height.

lean-to Conservatory

The Lean-to Conservatory

Known as, the most authentically Mediterranean sunroom style. With clean lines, a lean-to-conservatory is elegantly unassuming.

Despite their lower price tag, lean-to-conservatories are not devoid of style or quality. Some lean-to-conservatories may make strong statements in a home by combining a contemporary glass structure with an older building.

A roof pitch that slopes away from the property is the most accurate description of the lean-to's style. The height and length of the roof may add a sense of beauty and character to your property.

Lean-tos may be customized according to the owner's preferences, and they come in a wide range of styles. They're ideal for properties with low roofs or limited outside space. Lean-to-conservatories complement bungalows well.

Conservatory Cost - a conservatory base image

What is the going rate for a conservatory?

When it comes to calculating the cost of a new conservatory installation, there are various issues to consider.

The price will be composed of four elements: planning expenses, groundwork, material costs, and installation charges.

Double Glazing Funding can select from the very best installers with the best value and quality products.

The average cost of a conservatory can vary greatly depending on the type of conservatory selected, the amount of groundwork involved, and the size of the structure itself.

The average cost of a conservatory in the United Kingdom is £9000 to £12,000, although more elaborate structures have been observed to exceed £50,000.

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How much does it cost to replace a conservatory roof?

Replacing the conservatory roof is expensive but not as costly as some homeowners may think. The costs vary quite widely according to several factors.

The existing structure of your home determines how easy or difficult your task will be because you'll need to consider whether significant renovation work needs doing before you start on the project itself.

If there are no significant structural changes that have taken place recently, then replacing the roof should cost around £4000 - £6000 for materials and labour fees. If any kind of structural repair is needed in addition to this, expect this figure to increase accordingly.

So, in summary......

There are many factors to consider when replacing a conservatory roof. The costs involved can vary greatly, but with the help of a professional, you can get an idea of what your project might cost.

Some homeowners may choose to replace their conservatory roof to increase energy efficiency, while others may do so for aesthetic reasons. Whatever the reason, it's crucial to weigh all the options before deciding.

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