Bifold Doors Cost Guide

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Bifold Door Costs
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So you want to know the cost of installing Bifold doors?

Our Bifold doors cost guide will talk you through the various costs and products available in the Bifold doors range.

What are Bifold Doors?

Bifold or Bi-folding doors have become extremely popular over the last decade, Bifold doors are able to open in a concertina this concertina gives an extremely wide opening.

Bifold doors come in a range of materials such as Aluminium, UPVC and Wood, UPVC bifold doors by far the most popular and readily available of the varieties.

The wide opening of a Bifold door gives the effect of connecting the outside to the inside of the property with a lovely seamless opening.

Thermal efficiency of Bi-folding doors has drastically improved over the years especially the UPVC Bifold door!

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What are the benefits of installing a Bifold Door?

Bifold doors can easily be adapted or manufactured to suite a variety of different opening sizes, with traditional patio doors there can be restrictions on the opening size (The Width Of The Opening) this can restrict the application.

Bifold doors are able to span a greater distance, thus giving a much wider opening and more light allowed to enter the property.

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How hard are Bifold Doors To Install?

Installing Bifold doors into an existing opening can be very easy to do with minimal fuss.

The hard work comes when it comes to widening the opening, this work needs to be carried out by competent window installers.

Sometimes these installers may need to be accompanied by a builder, especially where structural work is needed.

Aluminium vs UPVC Bifold doors


Aluminium Bifold doors
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Aluminium Bifold Doors


  • Aluminium Bifold Doors are extremely hard wearing.
  • Modern Aluminium Bifold Doors give an excellent U Value and energy performance.
  • Can span greater distances than UPVC Bifold doors.


  • Much higher cost than installing UPVC Bifold Doors
  • If installed incorrectly can cause doors to bend or warp


UPVC Bifold Doors
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UPVC Bifold Doors



  • UPVC Bifold doors are hard wearing
  • UPVC Bifold doors give an extremely high level of security
  • UPVC Bifolds are more forgiving than Aluminium to install and tend to have less problems
  • UPVC Bifold doors are much cheaper to install than Aluminium


  • UPVC bifold doors can be limited by by opening size, although new designs are being released to counter this.

In conclusion, if you are looking at new Bifold Door Costs it wouldn’t hurt to have a quote for both Aluminium and UPVC, you will then be able to weigh up the costs and benefits for yourself.

Bifold Door Prices 2019


So without further ado, we have now laid out some rough bifold door costs to enable to give you a rough idea of the costs involved in installing Bifold doors in your property.


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UPVC Bifold Door Costs


# Frame Colour Number of Folds UPVC Bifold Door Price
1 Anthracite Grey 2 Fold £3186
2 White 2 Fold £2549
3 White 3 Fold £3735
4 White 4 fold £4831
5 White 5 Fold £5930
6 White 6 Fold £7125

*Prices are rough guide prices based on standard sizes and do not include any additional discounts or incentives available with Double Glazing Funding
So as you can see there is a considerable difference in the cost of installing both Aluminium & UPVC Bifold Doors.

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