Is it worth getting Double Glazing in 2023?

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cream double glazing 2023
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Despite its many benefits, some homeowners have delayed getting double glazing for various reasons.

However, technology and aesthetic advancements have improved the efficacy of UPVC windows and doors and enhanced their appearance.

With many benefits derived from modern double glazing, 2023 could be the right time to improve your property with UPVC windows and doors.

Enhanced style

Although many liked the crisp white finish associated with UPVC doors and windows, it wasn’t to everyone’s taste.

If you were worried that standard UPVC windows and doors wouldn’t complement the exterior of your property. You’d be pleased to know that there is a range of other UPVC styles now available.

With the option to choose from a real wood finish to vibrant colours and modern, contemporary hues. UPVC windows and doors can enhance any property.

Whether you’re residing in a country manor or living in a sleek townhouse, there are UPVC options to suit your style and your budget.

Improved insulation

Technology evolves consistently, and the advancements surrounding double-glazing are no different.

While UPVC double glazing has always outperformed single-glazed windows and doors, it’s now more useful than ever.

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With various tints designed to reflect heat and maintain internal temperatures. UPVC windows and doors offer improved insulation and more advanced technology.

If one part of your property catches the midday sun while another is in a constant dark patch. You could use varying glass and tints to help maintain a consistent temperature throughout your property, for example.

Increased glass options

When double glazing was first introduced to the residential market, there were relatively few options regarding the type of glass that was fitted. However, homeowners now have a range of choices to consider when they’re having their property double-glazed.

Although standard UPVC windows and doors are more robust and durable than single-glazed windows. You could enhance their performance further by selecting toughened glass for your UPVC doors and windows.

Toughened glass, sometimes referred to as tempered glass, has been heated to increase its strength, so it’s even less likely to break.

However, should the worst happen, A broken tempered glass window is expected to be less dangerous than standard glass. When tempered glass breaks, it doesn’t shatter. Instead, it fragments into small chunks, which pose less of a safety risk to anyone in or near the property.

If you’re particularly safety or security conscious, you may even want to opt for laminated glass. Designed to hold the pane of glass in place in the (unlikely) event of a breakage. Laminated glass is routinely referred to as safety glass or security glass.

As well as helping to minimise the risk of injuries caused by broken glass. It also helps to prevent anyone from gaining access via a broken window due to having an added layer of laminate in place.

Low E glass

Low E glass is another option to consider if you want to have the latest UPVC windows and doors installed in 2023. The low-emissivity glass increases the energy efficiency of your double glazing. It offers even better insulation for your property.

Using an ultra-thin coating to reflect heat, low E glass helps. It successfully retains heat in your home and stops it from being wasted.

In addition to this, low E glass can successfully reduce the amount of ultraviolet light and infrared coming into your property. It will, therefore, prevent harmful UV rays from reaching you and your family.

Noise control glass can be a great option if you live in a particularly loud area, such as near a motorway or under a flight path.

Although standard UPVC windows and doors will reduce external noise by around 75%, specialist noise control glass can minimise external noise disturbance even more.

If you want to limit the amount of noise that can penetrate your home, replacing standard double glazing or single glazing with noise-control glass can be highly effective.

With increased functionality and efficacy, double glazing offers more benefits than it did years ago.

While standard double glazing is still superior to single glazing, the myriad options available means that homeowners can improve their homes considerably by opting for the latest UPVC doors and windows.

Add decorative windows

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As well as adjusting the functionality of your double glazing, modern UPVC doors and windows can be modified to enhance the visual appeal of your property too.

As well as choosing realistic wood-inspired frames and coloured finishes, you can opt for decorative windows also.

If you want to add character to your property, for example, you may choose sliding sash double glazing. Alternatively, you may want to add a transom window above your front door or an arched window as a feature of your property.

Similarly, double glazing can cover larger areas without spoiling your view with additional fitments, so it’s perfect for bay windows, sliding patio doors and picture windows.

With so many choices of window styles, you can make your home as unique as you like, all while benefiting from the added security, efficiency and functionality of double glazing.

Increasing property values

upvc double glazed windows fitted

If you’ve yet to install double glazing in your property, you could increase its value by doing so now.

UPVC doors and windows have always boosted property values, simply because of the added insulation and security they offer, in conjunction with the decreased energy costs they deliver.

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However, with more modern UPVC windows and doors available, you can increase the value of your property even further.

If you knew you’d be selling your property at some point, waiting to double-glaze your home may have been a savvy financial decision.

By installing UPVC doors and windows nearer to the sale time, you can advertise your property with the latest double-glazing technology and styles.

As a result, you’ll be able to maximise the property’s value and potentially sell your home for a far higher price.

Is double glazing as good as it seems?

If you’re the cautious type, you may have postponed getting double glazing until you’d seen the results.

With many homeowners investing in UPVC windows and doors around the same time, it may have made sense to play the long game and see if it was worth it.

Now the results are in, and you can confidently upgrade your home. The benefits of double glazing are already well-established, and they’re getting better all the time, so 2023 is the perfect time to replace existing windows and doors with UPVC.

Of course, you may have been waiting until you were eligible for double-glazing funding and financial assistance. If so, you could get all the benefits of UPVC windows and doors with minimal outlay or no outlay at all!

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With various funding options available, many homeowners can obtain double glazing for free or at a significantly reduced cost. Home improvement grants are a great way to secure low-cost double glazing, for example, and they’re available to many homeowners.

Perhaps you wanted to see whether the advertised funding options were as good as they sounded. With many householders having already benefited from the generous funding available for double glazing, why wait any longer?

To find out more about UPVC windows and doors, as well as your funding options, contact us at Double Glazing Funding at 0330 808 1074.

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