How to Qualify for Free Windows and Doors

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Are you one of the thousands of people missing out on getting new windows and doors replaced for free and saving yourself a fortune on your energy bills during winter?

Customer that got free window grant

Read more below, and we'll answer all the critical questions like;


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New windows and doors are essential to maintain your home's health and give your family a warmer, cosy place to stay.

In this article, we want to show you how to qualify for free windows and doors.

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Could New Windows & Doors Save You Money?

Even if you currently have double-glazed windows, their efficiency might be lacking.
Double glazing works by placing two planes of glass together. Then fill the space between them with a non-toxic gas that prevents heat escaping.
Over time this gas can leak out, especially in older window models if your home is over three decades old and has never had new windows installed.
Then it is safe to consider your windows (and doors) need an update.

Poor quality windows can mean you are paying extortionate amounts for heating. They can also bring dampness into your home that, in turn, becomes a feeding ground for mould.

The high price of replacing all of your windows can be hard to overcome. But before you give up, it's essential to know your options. You could qualify for free windows and doors, but you need to see the help to buy available options.

Know the Help to Buy Options Available

There are plenty of options for you to go through. If you don't own your home, you will want to go through your landlord or the council holding your property.

If you own your own home, you can go through help-to-buy schemes.

They don't have to be through the government, either. Companies designed and ran many programs to give back to the community.

The available window and door replacements are small. You might have to wait for your new windows and doors, but there is no reason not to try if you qualify.

Be in Need of Financial Aid

These help to buy schemes are designed specifically for those who most desperately need aid.

They help when a traditional loan or payment plan is not an option.

Only a limited amount of doors, windows, and services are available, and therefore they are given to those based on need rather than necessarily who came first.

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Help to Buy Schemes to Look Into

Help2Buy Windows is a non-government-funded programme designed to help those in need acquire new windows and doors for their home.

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There is also an option for styles, so you can get great windows that match your property and help you reduce your utility bills all at once.

The Help2Buy Windows Scheme wants to help you better manage your home expenses and keep your family safe and healthy.

Double Glazing Funding is a partner of the Help2Buy Windows Scheme, and therefore you can apply through either company and enjoy a free assessment of your case.

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There are three central help-to-buy schemes to look into for windows and doors.

Free Windows & Doors Help2Buy Window Grant Scheme

If you qualify, you can have brand-new windows and doors with double glazing for free. It includes the installation.

This is because Help2Buy Windows has created a scheme to help those in dire need.

The goal is to improve the efficiency of their homes, help them reduce their utility bills so that they may have more money to spread around, and of course, improve the health of all the occupants.

These grants are provided once the need is established, but even if you apply; it could take some time, as Help2Buy Windows entirely funds this, not the government.

Who Qualifies for Help to Buy Windows and Doors?

The most basic requirements you need to meet are to be the homeowner of your own property, and you must either be employed, self-employed, or retired.

If you live in a council home or a housing association property, you must petition the organisation that owns and manages your property for new windows and doors instead.

From there, those who qualify for the free windows and doors Help2Buy Window Grant scheme will be determined by need.

Single Parent Homeowners

Grant Install for single parent when they learnt how to qualify for free windows and doors

Single-parent homeowners will qualify for Help2Buy Windows grant schemes, especially if they are not receiving any payments from their spouses.

This is to help children living on the property and give the parent a safer and warmer home to raise their family.

Parents with Disabled or Critically Ill Children

Couples can, of course, apply as well. One such instance where a couple who own their own home and are employed will apply for this grant scheme is if they have disabled or critically ill children to care for.

If you're looking for Double Glazing Grants for the disabled, this scheme is the best place to try.

Full-Time Carers

This is because carers are also prime candidates. If you have had to take on a carer role for a loved one, this is a full-time position, and you can also apply for a grant.

For Those with Full-Time Income Under £10,000

Grant install for homeowner

You must be employed full-time and still have a household income of less than £10,000.

It is important to note that cases are assessed on an individual basis.

You might apply for the grant and not immediately get a replacement on windows and doors, depending on how many are available or how much is available in the grant.

You might be pushed down the list in favour of a single-parent full-time carer for a terminally ill child or a single parent of a disabled child.

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Window & Door Funding

A few UK-based installation companies are working with the Help to Buy Window Scheme.

They have access to funding options to help homeowners, just like you, afford the improvements to their property that were previously out of reach.

Rather than a full grant, you are offered funding options and spread the cost out. This means you don't need to pay large sums of money.

The best part is that if you do not qualify for the Free Windows & Doors Help 2 Buy Window Grant Scheme; you can immediately be passed on to any of the installation partners who will provide great funding options for you to decide on.

You might enjoy 36 months of interest-free credit, 24 months of free credit, an option to buy the window and doors now and then pay off the sum in 12 months, or extend the loan further with low-interest rates.

Best 4 Less Guaranteed

If you want to buy your windows and doors, you should hold off until you have looked at Best 4 Less Guaranteed.

Best 4 Less cuts out the middle man and allows you to buy directly from manufacturers so that all the savings go now to you.

You could save thousands on new windows and doors.
This is because costs for installation is typically hiked up 40% of the base price.

Benefits of the Help to Buy Schemes for Windows and Doors

You shouldn't have to miss out on making energy-efficient improvements to your home just because you think that you cannot afford them.

With the new help-to-buy scheme. We guarantee you will not find a more cost-effective solution for new windows and doors. See what you qualify for today.

Don't get fooled by cheap double glazing. All companies vetted & recommended by the Help To Buy Windows Scheme only install quality double-glazing products.

Install New Windows and Doors From Your Choice of Styles

When the Help2Buy Windows scheme accepts you, you won't be forced to take whatever window type they have.

You can choose windows and door styles to suit your home better. This is how your home increases in value, increasing the value of your asset.

You can choose from almost every style of double-glazing window and door, from uPVC to composite doors.

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Reduce Heating Costs and Improve the Health of Your Home

With double glazed windows and doors. You will be able to heat your home much more efficiently and drastically reduce the cost of heating and powering your home.

Increase Your Home’s Value

New Double glazing grant install

New windows are a huge draw for home buyers, meaning that installing new windows can boost your home's overall property value.

Does the UK Government fund them?

Help2Buy Windows is different from Help2Buy. Help2Buy is a government-mandated scheme that is working to help people afford their first property.

At Help2Buy Windows, we are not offering government funding for windows; it's all privately funded by Help2Buy Windows.

Help2Buy Windows is a non-government organisation (NGO) that has brought together businesses and investors to offer new windows and doors to those who need them most in the UK.

It is always important to explore your options before you commit. You might be able to apply for free windows and doors or find a happy middle ground with a zero-interest payment plan.

Even if you have the means to invest in these yourself, there's no reason to pay more than you need to if you can go directly to the manufacturer.

Your home needs new windows, but you should still take the time to explore your options thoroughly.

What is the Windows Recycling Scheme?

What you need to know

There has been a lot of speculation lately about the window recycling scheme or the window scrappage scheme as it has come to be known.

We want to set the record straight here as many customers have been left confused by the details surrounding the window recycling scheme.

The government does not back this scheme. It is a private incentive offered by certain companies.

Most double-glazing windows or doors are typically made from recycled materials: aluminium, timber, or uPVC.

But it is not always the case that your old windows and doors are recycled. In some cases, they are discarded and end up in landfill sites. This has a devastating effect on the environment and our planet.

In short, the window recycling scheme guarantees recycling your old windows and doors. Often customers will receive some discount on their new windows and doors.

How the discount works

The window recycling scheme can offer discounts based on the type and style of windows removed from the household. Using the window recycling scheme, you could receive up to £100 per window removed.

This means a typical three-bedroom house with ten windows could receive up to a £1000 discount on new windows and doors under the window recycling scheme.

Recycling your windows could be one option to help offset some of the cost of replacing your windows and doors.

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