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Double Glazing Funding triple glazing

Don't let rising fuel costs keep you up at night! Tackle the cold and reduce your bills with the help of Triple Glazing Grants. These UK home improvement grants offer a solution to fuel poverty and encourage the adoption of energy-saving measures in homes. Imagine saving up to 30% on your annual energy expenses by switching to triple glazing. That's real money back in your pocket. Keep reading to learn the benefits of Triple Glazing vs Double Glazing and find out how you can take advantage of these grants today.

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Double Vs Triple Glazing: Which Should You Choose?

When renovating your house, you might struggle to choose between double or triple-glazed windows.

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When moving home or considering upgrading your windows from single glazing, you might wonder whether you should choose double or triple glazing.

It’s not just about the fact that double glazing includes two panes of glass, whereas triple glazing has three.

There are so many more benefits/disadvantages of both that you should consider before you choose either.

You should also think about the cost, how energy efficient they are and how they insulate your house.

To help you make your decision, this article will show you what each of them is, how they can benefit your home, how efficient they are, and the cost of each of them.

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Triple Glazing

But first, what are triple-glazed windows?

To put it simply, triple-glazed windows are modern windows designed to have good thermal efficiency to keep rising energy bills down.

They are insulated to prevent heat loss and keep noise out

The cavity between each pane is usually filled with either krypton, xenon or argon.

This creates a seal that reduces the draft and prevents heat loss throughout the home

So, what are some advantages and disadvantages that come with having triple glazed windows installed?

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Firstly, the pros:

• They offer excellent sound insulation - better than double glazing!
• High durability and lifespan (triple glazing can last around 30 years!)
• More secure against break-ins due to the added layer of glazing
• Produces a low U-value (More about 'U-values')
• They are extremely energy efficient and can help bring down the amount you spend on your energy bill.

Secondly, the cons:

• Installation can be more expensive than double glazing.
• A lot heavier than single or double glazing due to the added layer.
• It may not be necessary for the UK climate.

Want to learn more about the cost of triple glazing?

New white UPVC Windows installed by Double Glazing Funding

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Double Glazing

Secondly, what is double glazing?

A double-glazed window is made up of two panes of glass. These panes provide a barrier between the house and the outside.

The gap between the panes provides a good level of insulation, a feature that is great for those colder months.

Double glazing is found on most modern houses and is generally very reasonably priced.

People that upgrade from single glazing to double-glazing will start to notice the impact on their electricity bills as soon as they are installed.

Here are some pros and cons of installing double glazing:

Firstly, the pros:

• It can be cheaper than triple glazing (typical price estimates)
• They can reduce heat loss by up to 100%.
• They are the most popular choice for households across the country.
• Very good at keeping noise out of your home, making them ideal for homes situated in loud, busy, or built-up areas

Secondly, the cons:

• They are less energy-efficient than single or triple glazing.
• Double glazing is not as secure as triple glazing. The third pane adds an extra layer of strength.
• Unfortunately, they aren’t as long-lasting as triple glazing.

Which Deals Better With Condensation?

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This probably won’t come as a surprise, but a triple-glazed window tends to deal with condensation better.

This is because it has three panes – therefore will allow for less of a difference between the temperature inside and outside the house.

If you have double-glazed windows and notice a lot of condensation between the panes, we suggest triple glazing may be worth looking into.

Condensation can cause problems with the window frames and excessive moisture. Ideally, it is an issue that should be fixed as soon as possible.

If you don't have any issues with your existing windows, then it might not be worth changing them to triple-glazed ones.

Are Double Or Triple Glazed Windows More Energy Efficient?

When you are working out which type of window is better in terms of thermal transmittance, it’s essential to look for the ‘U-value’ measurement.

This industry standard is often used to compare a window's energy performance. If the U-value is low, the window has better energy efficiency.

It’s clear that as double glazing has two panes rather than three, it won’t retain as much heat.

Is it essential, however, for those living in the UK?

The answer to this is probably no, and it isn't necessary. The difference in your heating bill won’t be a lot whether you have double or triple glazing.

However, you shouldn’t only consider the amount of energy transfer you lose (or gain) through your windows!

It is also thinking about the solar gain that comes with double and triple glazing.

Increasing the temperatures inside the room, if it’s a sweltering day and you want your house to warm up accordingly, triple glazing will allow for less of this heat to seep through in comparison to double glazing.

This means that you won’t benefit from the same amount of natural warmth with triple glazing as you would with double glazing.

Cream flush windows

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How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

This, of course, will depend on the style and size of the windows (as well as how many windows you need instead) you want in your home.

It will also depend on the type of glass that you want in your double-glazed windows – examples of which are toughened glass, annealed glass and laminated glass.

They can be anywhere from £2,000 - £7,000but you can easily get a quote that will suit your needs.

When you are purchasing a new home, take a look at the windows.

If they are in good condition and are double-glazed, it will save you money in the long term and mean that you don’t have to invest in new ones.

When it comes to windows, there are different options for you to consider. Each option has its benefits and plenty of things to consider. When choosing which windows you want, think about which will be best for your property.

One of these things is the cost of triple glazing. We are going to be looking into the different options and how they impact triple glazing cost in more detail down below.

If you are interested in finding out the different window options available for you to choose from and how much they cost, then keep reading!

What Is Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is a type of window made up of three panes of glass instead of one or two. They provide various benefits to the building, such as protection from noise.

Between each pane of glass, there is usually gas such as argon or xenon. This works together with the extra pane to keep out much of the outside world.

This is the only real difference between triple glazing and the other options that are available on the market.

Triple Glazing

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Different Window Options

Other than triple glazing, you can look into double glazing or a single-pane window. Double glazing, as suggested in the name, uses two glass panels to create the window.

They were initially designed to exclude heat from the property. Before the invention of triple glazing, they were the best option on the market.

Alternatively, there is a single-glazed window option, which only uses one pane of glass. As you can imagine, this is not as effective as the other choices regarding keeping heat inside the home and blocking out noise.

Each option does come with a price difference. This is something that we will be looking into a little further down in the article. We aim to help you find out the cost of triple glazing.

Benefits Of Triple Glazing

As there are more panes of glass used in triple glazing. It is more effective at certain things. One of these is keeping noise out of the property at all day hours.

The thickness of triple glazing is a huge selling point, especially for those who live in noisy areas. By having a third pane of window glass, there is an added layer in place. This gives an extra blanket of protection against outside noise.

Another benefit is that it provides the property with more security, as triple glazing is much stronger than single and double glazing.

This means that if anyone does try to break into the property through the window. They will have a much more difficult time if you have invested in getting triple-glazed windows rather than one of the other options.

Or, you might be interested in the fact that it will make the property warmer as it stops heat loss more effectively than the other two.

This will, in turn, help to lower your gas or electric bill as there will be less heat escaping throughout the day, which means that you are not going to need your heating on as often.

The trapped heat will also help to make the property cosier which is going to be something important if you are trying to create a homely environment.

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Cons Of Triple Glazing

However, it is not all sunny days, and we mean this literally because triple glazing can impact the amount of light that enters your home.

The thickness of the glass panes makes it harder for the sun rays to reach inside your property. Therefore, the natural light is significantly less than with double or single glazing.

This is the only con of triple glazing other than the price, so make sure that you need the upgrade or it is something that you think will be useful for your home. Don’t forget to consider this as if natural light is essential to you. It could be a deal-breaker.

Average Cost Of Triple Glazing

This, yet again, depends on how many you want to be installed and their quality.

Something that you do need to be aware of is that triple glazing cost is quite a bit more expensive than single and double glazing, but this is for a good reason. With the bonuses that come with the extra pane, you would expect to pay a little more for this.

Triple-glazed windows also require more materials to make and need a specialised manufacturing process – that many window glaziers might not offer.

It is hard to give you an accurate idea of how much triple glazing is going to cost you precisely because you are going to need a quote from a Double Glazing Installer.

But this doesn’t mean we can’t give you a rough idea. It will all depend on what kind of property you are in, how many windows there are and a few other factors as to how much you can expect to pay for this service.

When you compare them in terms of their energy efficiency, the difference in the money you save with heating is minimal.

Therefore, you need to consider whether triple glazing is truly worth it.

So, if you are looking to replace around four windows in your two-bedroom flat, you will be looking at roughly £2000.

What to do Next

Now, as we said above, please do not take the figures that we are providing you with as gospel because some companies may charge more or less depending on what they have set their rate at.

If you live in a two-bedroom terraced property which will usually have roughly five or six windows, you are going to be looking at between £2500-£3000. Do you see the pattern here?

Typically, you will be looking at paying around £500 per window that you want triple glazing on, so you should times this by the number of windows in the home for a rough estimate.

Do be careful, though, when you are trying to work this out because the price per window usually decreases if you have more windows. So, if you have twelve windows in your three-bedroom house, you can expect to pay around £6,000.

If you decide to replace all your windows at the same time, it could end up costing you a lot less than it would replace them in small clusters.

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The Difference In Price

But what is the difference in price when it comes to single, double, and triple-glazed windows? Well, as we said above, you can expect to pay around £500 per triple glazed window in your home, depending on the number of windows that need replacing.

If we look at double glazing, you can expect to pay around £350 per window or maybe just under. So, it is quite a big difference, but this is no surprise when you think about the benefits and how just how much of a difference you will see when you upgrade from single or double-glazed to triple.

We hope that you have found this guide on the cost of triple glazing helpful and now know what the average price is for your window upgrade!

Get in touch with a professional to get an exact quote on having triple glazed windows installed in your home so that you know how much you will need to put away!

The glazing companies that you receive quotes from will be reliable and professional. However, you still want to ensure that you are well-informed about triple glazing before you get your quote.

This way, you will already have an idea in your mind about how much you should be paying, which will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about the quote.

Ensure that the company you're dealing with are FENSA registered or registered with the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) to give you extra security and ensure that they are working with UK Building regulations.

Do You Have To Upgrade To A Triple Glazed Window From Double Glazed Windows?

There are other alternatives to upgrading your windows to triple glazed windows.

You could invest in heavy-lined curtains to help reduce the amount of heat you are losing and to help with noise reduction, or in the summer, invest in blinds that will help to improve the amount of heat that’s transferred into your home.

These are two simple alternatives to upgrading your double-glazed windows to triple glazed windows.

Saving you money that you would have spent upgrading, you can (if you want) use the money that you saved on other upgrades in your house.

Bay window in White UPVC

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Finally, Is Triple Glazing Really Worth It?

As mentioned throughout this article, triple glazing is significantly more than double glazing – so is it really worth the hefty investment?

You can quickly get all the benefits from triple glazing with double glazing if you update them.

There are double-glazing window options on the market that are modern, have A+ energy efficient ratings and offer excellent U-values.

Yes, they might not hold just as much heat as triple glazing does, but does that extra pane of glass really make all the difference?

This, of course, is a decision that has to be made by you.

If you don’t want to spend more for a little less heat loss, it probably isn’t worth it.

You should also consider that triple-glazed windows will add an extra level of security to your home, making it harder for vandals to break into.

This is sure to give you a bit more peace of mind when you are leaving your property to either go to work, out to the shops or away on holiday.

It will also depend on what windows you want to upgrade throughout your home. If it’s all of them, the cost will be more substantial.

But, if you only want to upgrade the windows downstairs in your property, it might be worth it in the long run.


Before making the decision whether you will choose double vs triple glazing.

It’s essential that you do thorough research, get quotes for each and think about what you want to get out of them.

By deciding which type is more appropriate for your needs, you can discover the types of glass that are available.

As well as the styles and what impact they will have on your home.

It’s a significant investment - no matter which one you choose, so it’s essential to think carefully before taking the plunge.

Windows are a big part of your home and could be the difference between a large electricity bill and a small one - making it more appealing to potential buyers when you go to sell your house in the future.

You want to know that you have made the right decision.

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Double Glazing Funding
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June 12, 2019

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Double Glazing

Composite door with side panel, anthracite grey
Apply For a Free Composite Door

Looking for the perfect new front door? Hold your horses and dive into our all-encompassing guide before you make a decision! Discover the allure of composite front doors and why they've gained immense popularity in recent times. Outperforming traditional wooden or uPVC doors, composite doors bring a wealth of advantages to the table. This fascinating article will reveal all there is to know about composite doors, delving into their pricing, available styles, and much more! Get ready to be enthralled as you explore the world of composite doors.

To find out what funding options we have available for your composite door project, click here.

What is a composite door?

YouTube video

A composite door is a modern style made from a combination of materials, including a solid timber core, PVC, and glass-reinforced plastic. This makes them stronger and more durable than traditional wooden and uPVC doors. 

This immediately offers significant advantages since each material strengthens the composition.

With a composite front door, you get the best of both worlds: solid hardwood doors' strength and durability and the long lifetime and thermal efficiency of a uPVC door.

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Composite  Doors vs uPVC Doors

Benefits of composite doors

There are many benefits to be had by installing a composite door. Some of the most notable benefits include:

Increased home security -

Composite doors are solid and durable, making them much more resistant to break-ins than traditional wooden or uPVC doors.

Most composite doors are built with an anti-snap cylinder with anti-drill and anti-pick properties. These sophisticated security systems are feasible because of the door's enhanced materials. With a door made just of plastic, it is challenging to install high-security locking devices with the same dependability.

Composite doors are also so strong and thick that they're nearly impossible to kick down. So, you don't have to worry about someone trying to break down your front door through brute force. You need to have a proper battering ram to make a dent in your composite door.

Even the police will struggle to break down composite doors!

Consequently, if you want to ensure your family remains safe at all times, then a composite door should be the only choice for you. UPVC isn't unsafe, but they cannot compete compared to a composite option might.

Excellent energy efficiency -

Composite doors have incredible thermal efficiency due to their extra 20mm thickness. Meaning they can help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

It makes you far more comfortable, and it also means you can turn your heating to a lower setting. Consequently, we can say that the thermal efficiency of front doors helps lower your energy bills as well.

Weather-proof and low maintenance -

Composite doors are incredibly weather-proof because of the GRP (glass reinforced polyester); external composite doors don't fade or stain in the sun; the same can't be said for the uPVC counterpart.

They stand up well against rain and snow, and the GRP will protect the solid timber core from rotting.

Better looking -

While UPVC doors come in more colours, you can't deny that composite doors are far better looking. To start, they ooze class and quality. The difference is striking when you put a stunning composite door next to a UPVC door.

You get a serious wow factor with a composite door that UPVC ones can't match.

Many composite door styles are available, and choosing the right one will instantly upgrade your curb appeal.

You can also have many glass patterns, which lets you alter traditional and contemporary front door designs.

Interestingly, while they're available in fewer colours than UPVC doors, composite doors are more flexible in the overall design. If you want to buy a door that will upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your home, then composite is the only way forward.

Keeps your home quiet -

Due to the extra thickness we mentioned earlier, installing a grp composite door will help reduce noise pollution outside your home.

If you live on a busy street or have noisy neighbours, a new composite front door will help to reduce the noise from those passing cars or late-night music.

Installing double glazing, triple glazing, and a new composite door will provide you with a quieter home.

Black composite front door
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Are composite front doors better than uPVC?

If you want the best front door for your home, composite is far superior to uPVC.

Not only are composite front doors more secure than a standard uPVC door, but it also looks better and lasts longer!

While the price of composite doors is slightly higher than uPVC, you will see a return on your investment over the long run, with savings in energy bills. Installing a composite door will likely reduce your energy bills and help to reduce draughts in your hallway.

composite front doors

What are the average composite door prices?

Supplying a composite door would usually cost the installer around £400 - £1050, depending on the quality and building process.

You'll be looking to pay around £300 - £450 to install it.

That said, the price to have a high-quality composite door can be as much as £1500.

Undeniably, it will be more cost-effective to have the door installed by a reputable double-glazing installer, so you'll be able to take advantage of discounts based on how much you'll spend.

Even with the high cost of UK composite doors, you can still get cheap ones installed by a reputable local double-glazing company, so be sure to look around and find the right installer.

You can compare composite door prices or view the full range by clicking here to get a quote from a trusted installer.

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Black composite front door with wooden small porch

How can I identify a reputable installer for a new composite front door?

You'll want to find a member of a trade organisation or federation, such as the glass and glazing federation (GGF) or Fensa. This guarantees that their work has been authorised and that they comply with all necessary standards, as the last thing you want is low-quality construction.

Double Glazing Funding can take the hassle out of this process as we only allow reputable, fully insured, and ethical companies to service our work; you can also benefit from our best-for-less price promise!

We can confidently guarantee you will not find a new door at a lower price better door at a lower price anywhere else!

If you have been getting quotes for new external doors, you'll know composite exterior doors aren't the cheapest option. The price of a new composite door is often the main deterrent; sometimes, it can cost as much as 60% more.

Although some may consider it a disadvantage, there is an excellent reason for the additional cost.

There must be a price for all of the benefits and advantages. As a result, you will get what you pay for: a high-quality, high-security door with customisable designs and features.

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What are the composite door styles available?

Many different door styles are available. For example, many composite door colours and finishes are available, like; brushed stainless steel, Anthracite grey, Chartwell green, Duck egg blue, or even a natural wood finish.

You can also have your new front door installed with a side panel, a set of double doors, different frame shapes, and all kinds of door furniture.

You will always be able to find the perfect composite door for you, as most installers have an extensive composite door range for you to choose from.

Contemporary composite doors -

As the name would suggest, these are composite front doors with a modern and contemporary look. They're perfect for those who want to keep a modern aesthetic to their home. Glazed panels to the side of the door complement these doors the most.

Traditional composite doors -

Traditional composite doors are perfect for those who want a classic look at their home.

New doors in the traditional range often come with glass patterns & windows, which allow more light to enter your property.

Cottage composite doors -

Cottage composite doors give a home that rustic cottage feel. This style will suit your home if you have a rural home in the countryside or village.

Composite stable door  -

Stable doors are perfect for those who have a barn or stables as it gives that country feel.

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Here is a selection of composite door designs:

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Why should you buy a composite door?

It's pretty simple; you should buy a composite door if you want to get value for money and fit your house with the best type of front door out there.

If your current door is outdated and shows signs of wear and tear, upgrade to a composite today.

You'll have something built to last for decades and requires little-to-no maintenance.

Buying a composite door is also an excellent idea for anyone looking to renovate their property.

This is it if you want a home improvement idea that instantly makes a difference.

The sheer style and beauty of these doors will boost your curb appeal when the door is installed.

Plus, you also get all the other benefits that come with it.

In reality, the question shouldn't be, 'why should you buy a composite door?' It should be 'why wouldn't you buy a composite door?'.

Realistically, they are far superior in every category, and UPVC doors have become outdated.

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Summary of Composite doors

To sum everything up, composite doors boast way more benefits than standard UPVC front doors.

We're not saying that UPVC doors are terrible. If anything, it's more a case of composite doors being superior in every way.

So, if you want the very best front door, it has to be composite.

Most new houses also use composite doors, so it's very much the modern trend.

These doors are built for the future, making them a worthwhile investment for your property.

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UPVC Windows Cost


Discover the actual cost of double glazing and make an informed decision with our expert guide. As the popularity of double glazing grows among homeowners seeking improved energy efficiency, security, and reduced noise levels, it's essential to understand all the factors contributing to its cost.

Say goodbye to confusion and get a clear understanding of what you can expect to pay for double glazing. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about double-glazing costs.


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Whilst some companies claim to be able to install double glazing in a relatively small property for less than £3,000. Average costs are usually higher for a standard home in the UK.

Materials Used

The materials used in constructing double-glazed windows and doors play a significant role in determining their cost. The most commonly used materials include PVCu, aluminium, and timber. PVCu is the most budget-friendly option, while aluminium and timber are more expensive. The type of glass used also affects the cost, with energy-efficient options such as low-E glass typically costing more than traditional glass.



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Size and Style

The size and style of the double-glazed units also play a role in determining the cost. Larger windows and doors will naturally be more expensive, as will custom designs and styles. If you're looking to keep costs down, opting for standard sizes and styles is a good idea.

Find UPVC Window Prices Online
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Installation Costs

The cost of installation is another factor to consider when determining the cost of double glazing. This includes the labour cost and additional materials required for the installation process. If you're having the double glazing installed in an older home, it's possible that additional work may be required to make sure the windows and doors fit properly, which will add to the cost of installation.

House installed with UPVC windows at a competitive price
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Other Factors

Other factors that can affect the cost of double glazing include the property's location, the installation's complexity, and the installer's reputation. It's essential to get quotes from several companies to ensure you're getting the best value for your money.



Find out about Grants & Funding



In conclusion, the cost of double glazing will vary depending on several factors, including the materials used, the units' size and style, and the installation cost. Considering all these factors, you can get a good idea of what you can expect to pay for double glazing. When choosing a company to install your double glazing, choose one with a good reputation and get quotes from several companies to ensure you're getting the best value for your money.

It's also worth considering if any grants or funding are available to help cover the cost of installing new double-glazed windows.

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graph LR A[Materials Used] --> B[Size and Style] B --> C[Installation Costs] C --> D[Other Factors] D --> E[Total Cost of Double Glazed Windows]

In this diagram, we can see how each factor contributes to the overall cost of double glazing. Considering each element, you can clearly understand what you can expect to pay for your double-glazing project.

double glazed doors
Do You Qualify For A Free New Door?👆

Many people find that they are looking for a new front door, either because the old one is damaged or just simply outdated. One of the doors you may be considering is UPVC doors. These double-glazed doors offer many benefits over other doors and will last much longer than wooden ones. However, there are some advantages to consider before deciding what type of door to buy! This article will outline all these pros and cons so that you can make an informed choice.

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What to look out for when shopping for double-glazed doors?

When it comes to replacing your double glazed windows and exterior doors, you will want the style that most suits your property, which is why many homeowners choose a national installer who offers a wide range of door designs.

You will want a firm that is part of a trade organisation or federation, such as the glass and glazing federation (GGF) or Fensa. This ensures that their work has been authorised and that they adhere to all necessary regulations, as the last thing you'd want is poor-quality workmanship.

What benefits do uPVC doors have?

There are lots of great benefits associated with these types of doors. For example, they don't warp or shrink over time, so there's no need for ongoing maintenance and upkeep as would be needed if you were installing a traditional wooden door.

They insulate your home.

They are great for insulation, making them perfect if you live where the weather changes dramatically. You'll save money on your heating bills while also receiving a beautiful new energy-efficient door to show off.

They're secure.

Another great benefit of UPVC doors is that they are incredibly secure. They have multiple locking points and reinforced panels and frames, making it much harder for burglars to access your home.

They're easy to clean.

UPVC doors are also straightforward to clean – you need to give them a quick wipe with a damp cloth to return them to their original glory.

They won't warp or shrink over time.

Unlike wooden doors, double-glazed UPVC ones don't shrink or warp over time. They are made from synthetic materials that remain stable in all weather and climates.

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What are some types of UPVC front doors?

There are many different types of double-glazed UPVC front doors. To name a few below:

The traditional uPVC door

The traditional UPVC design is excellent if you're not looking for anything too fancy or modern - it still looks great even after many years!

Doors with side panels

These are like the traditional, with the added benefit of a side panel; this lets in more natural light and looks great. A side panel will also allow you to place a door in an opening that is larger than a traditional door size.

French Doors

French doors are doors that open outwards with transparent panes that run the entire length of the structure. They are permanently installed as a pair.

Period and heritage homes benefit the most from french doors.

You're correct if you believe they got their name from being made in France.

Take a look at some of the door styles available.

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What colours are double glazed doors available in?

There is an incredible range of colours for UPVC doors; coloured uPVC front doors are a growing trend and can make the perfect first impression; see a list of the colours you can get below.

These include Black Glossy, White Matt, Black, Silver, Grey, Burgundy, Red, Blue, Beige, Cream, Yellow, Green, Olive, Brown, Lilac, Rosewood & Terracotta.

What door furniture is available?

There are also many different door furniture options available that you can use to complement your front door. These include letterboxes, door latches, door stops, door numbers, door knockers, and bell pushes.

How long do uPVC front doors last?

Many people choose UPVC front doors because they know that they will last for a very long time. In fact, with the right care and maintenance, new doors can last as long as 35 years. This means you won't need to replace them for many years, which can be an excellent long-term investment.

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Are uPVC front doors any good?

The best thing about these doors is that they are incredibly durable. While wooden front doors may need to be replaced after only a few years, UPVC ones will last much longer than this - meaning you can get more out of your purchase!

Can you replace uPVC doors without replacing the frame?

While it is possible to replace your existing door without replacing the frame, installing new doors with a new frame is always recommended. This is because there may be some damage done to the frame during the removal process, which could lead to further problems in the future. It's always best to speak with a professional about it's an option for your property.

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How much does it cost to fit a double glazed front door?

In terms of price, you can expect to pay around £500 - £1200 for a double-glazed UPVC front door. This is significantly cheaper than the wooden doors currently installed in many properties across the country. Of course, it all depends on what you want to get from the installers' door range.

Are uPVC doors expensive?

No, double-glazed front doors are not expensive. In fact, they are often cheaper than the cost of wooden doors that are currently installed in many properties across the country. This is because UPVC is a more affordable material than wood, and it also doesn't require any ongoing maintenance or upkeep.

If you're looking for an affordable replacement for your door, often uPVC is the best value for money you can get.

What funding is available for double glazed doors?

One of the benefits of UPVC doors is that they are much more affordable than other doors, such as wooden or aluminium ones. In addition, there are many grants and schemes available to help fund your purchase.

One to mention is the Help 2 Buy scheme, which is run by an organisation that allows UK homeowners to get their double glazed doors installed at a fraction of the price and spread the cost of their new exterior doors over an affordable period to you. They also run a private grant funded by themselves, where they install windows for eligible families for free.

How does the Help 2 Buy window scheme work?

With the Help 2 Buy scheme, there are three options, each tailored for a different type of homeowner; you don't have to do any leg work by going out and finding out what you might qualify for; they do all the work for you. It's pretty simple.

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How much more desirable would my house be by having a uPVC door?

UPVC doors can improve the look of your home, making it more desirable to potential buyers. In fact, many people choose these types of doors specifically because they know they will add value to their property. For example, it's noted that green, grey or blue uPVC front doors always appeal the most to prospective buyers.

So, if you're looking to sell your home, it's worth considering a replacement UPVC front door! It can be a great way to add value and make your property appealing to potential buyers.

What is the difference between uPVC and composite doors?

The main difference between UPVC and a composite front door is that the latter is made of a combination of materials. This might include wood, GRP (glass-reinforced plastic), or metal. Composite doors are often seen as more 'luxurious' than UPVC ones so they may be a bit more expensive.

What're the benefits of getting a composite door over any other style of a double-glazed door?

Composite doors offer a double glazing system, utterly different from UPVC double-glazed doors.

The main advantage of a composite door over a wooden one is that it requires less upkeep and is long-lasting. Composite doors survive for many years without requiring re-painting or numerous repairs.

The most secure and safe door on the market is a composite one; they're the finest doors in terms of security, with their reinforced materials and overall strength and quality.

Because of the style and design, some doors may lose their sense of durability and sustainability. The composite door, on the other hand, does not. It fully maintains all of its strength, longevity, and energy-efficiency advantages.

Is it worth paying the extra to get a composite door?

If a homeowner is looking for double glazed doors, the price tag with a composite door could be the main deterrent; sometimes, it can cost as much as 60%. Although this may be interpreted as a disadvantage, the logic behind the pricing is relatively straightforward.

With all of the advantages and benefits, there must be a cost associated with it. As a result, you'll pay for what you get: a high-quality, secure door with customisable designs and features. Better than other double glazed doors.

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Which is better, uPVC or PVC doors?

Both uPVC and PVC doors are great options, but they have their benefits. For example:

  1. uPVC is more durable than PVC - this means it will last longer
  2. uPVC is more suitable for insulation

uPVC has the potential to be more energy-efficient. However, this depends on how the door is treated; and if you have any condensation problems in your home.

As both of these types are high-quality choices for exterior doors, either will do a great job at keeping your home warm.

So, which is the best option for you - uPVC or PVC? This question will depend on your personal needs and preferences.

If you have a set amount of money, then uPVC doors may be a good fit for your budget.


If you're looking for a low-cost, high-quality door that will be easy to maintain and last for years, uPVC doors are your best choice. You can get them in any colour or style to match your home's decor needs while still being energy efficient. Composite doors are also an option if you have the budget, but they come with some downsides compared to uPVC - the higher price tag and difficulty of repair when needed. Regardless of which type of door is right for you, one thing is sure; there's no need to settle on wood anymore!

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Conservatory French doors
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At Double Glazing Funding, we understand that investing in home improvements can be a big decision. Adding a patio door to a property is one of the most popular upgrades. In this article, we will provide comprehensive information about the cost of putting in a patio door. We aim to give you a complete understanding of the process and provide you with expert advice to make an informed decision.

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French doors within a conservatory
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Factors That Affect The Cost Of Putting In A Patio Door

The cost of putting in a patio door will depend on several factors. These factors include:

  1. Type of Patio Door: There are several types of patio doors, such as sliding, French, or bi-folding doors. Each of these has a different price point.

  2. Size of the Door: The size of the patio door will also have a significant impact on the overall cost. Larger doors will require more materials and labour, making them more expensive.

  3. Material Used: The material used for the patio door will also affect the cost. Options include uPVC, wood, or aluminium.

  4. Glass Type: The type of glass used in the patio door will also have an impact on the cost. Options include single, double, or triple glazing.

  5. Location: The location of the property can also affect the cost. Properties in London and the South East tend to be more expensive due to higher labour and material costs.

  6. Installation Costs: The cost of installation will vary depending on the complexity of the job and the experience of the installer.

Large door with 3 sliders
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Costs Of Different Patio Door Types

Sliding patio doors are the most affordable option, with prices ranging from £500 to £1,500. French patio doors are the mid-range option, with prices ranging from £1,000 to £2,000. Bi-folding doors are the most expensive, with prices ranging from £2,500 to £6,000.

French doors with side windows
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Material Costs

uPVC is the most affordable material, with prices ranging from £300 to £1,000. Wood is the mid-range option, with prices ranging from £500 to £2,500. Aluminum is the most expensive material, with prices ranging from £800 to £3,500.

Glass Types

Single glazing is the most affordable option, with prices ranging from £100 to £300. Double glazing is the mid-range option, with prices ranging from £200 to £800. Triple glazing is the most expensive, with prices ranging from £500 to £1,500.

Installation Costs

Installation costs will vary depending on the complexity of the job and the experience of the installer. On average, installation costs range from £250 to £750.

Large Golden Oak Bifold leading to garden
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Adding a patio door to your property is an excellent investment, providing you with more natural light and a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces. At Double Glazing Funding, we hope that this guide has provided you with comprehensive information about the cost of putting in a patio door. Remember, the overall cost will depend on several factors, including the type of patio door, the size of the door, the material used, glass type, location, and installation costs. We recommend that you obtain a quote from a reputable installer before making any decisions.



graph TD; A(Type of Patio Door)-->B(Size of the Door) A-->C(Material Used) A-->D(Glass Type) A-->E(Location) A-->F(Installation Costs)

Take a look at Double Glazing Funding's handy infographic to find out the best steps to add value to your home.

Learn how to add value to your home using our free, easy to read infographic supplied by double glazing funding

How do I know I’m getting the best price for my double glazed windows?

double glazed windows
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While everyone who gets double glazed windows installed expects a substantial investment. Absolutely nobody wants to pay more for their windows than they have to.

Even once you’ve scoured your local market to find the perfect quote, you can still find ways to make further savings on the cost of your windows.

That’s where we come in.

At Double Glazing Funding, we provide you with all the resources you need to see if you’re eligible for home improvement grants.

We work in partnership with the Help 2 Buy Windows scheme to ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for the price.

We also offer a Best 4 Less guarantee to ensure that you find the best quality windows at the most affordable prices.

Help 2 Buy

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Don’t feel the need to settle for low-cost, low-quality windows. Just check out our easy to use Grant Application Tool, and see what savings and grant assistance are yours for the taking.

Our mission is to help people all over the country find the perfect windows for their needs without having to spend a single penny more than they should.

The Swiss-French pioneer of modern architecture said that the history of architecture is also the history of the window.

While we may take the humble window for granted, its inception transformed architecture as we know it today.

It allowed people to actually see their interiors without the need for artificial light like candles or torches. Windows have existed in forms of architecture all over the world for centuries.

The Romans were among the first to use glass in their windows around 100AD, although earlier windows in countries like China and Japan used paper in a wooden frame.

Here in the UK, while stained glass had pride in churches across the country, most homes used animal horn in windows instead of glass right up until the 17th century.

Suffice to say, the technology behind windows has come a long leaps and bounds since then.

Yet, for all the problems that today’s glazing solutions have solved, the abundance of choice today has created a new problem of its own...

How do you know which windows are right for you?

Today, homeowners have more choice than ever when selecting the right windows for their homes. In fact, they have so much choice that it can be something of an embarrassment of riches.

With so much on offer, it can be hard to make an informed decision. Whether you’re looking for new double glazed windows to replace your existing inefficient single-glazed windows.

Or whether you’re replacing older double glazed windows for a more energy-efficient alternative, the sheer volume of choice out there can be baffling.

How do you know which frames will suit the style of your interior and exterior? How can you tell which kind of glass panes will afford you the best energy efficiency?

How do you know you’re getting a good price on your double glazed windows?

Do you qualify for assistance paying for your double glazed windows?

Will your windows stand the test of time, or will they need to be replaced all over again in a couple of years?

It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin!

That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to tell you everything you’ve ever needed to know about double glazed windows.

Let’s start with the obvious…
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Why should you get double glazed windows?

modern double glazed windows
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While there’s some pretty huge variance in prices when it comes to double glazed windows. It’s safe to say that they represent a substantial investment.

As such, frugal homeowners may wonder whether it’s even worth committing to getting double glazed windows installed.

However, while installing any kinds of new windows may require some upfront costs, there’s a lot you can do to mitigate those costs (we’ll discuss that in greater detail later).

What’s more, the costs are offset by the wide range of benefits that you’ll enjoy once your new windows are installed.

Some of the many benefits of double glazed windows include;

Energy efficiency

One of the most attractive benefits of double glazed windows is that they can afford you significant savings on your energy bills.

They are designed not only to trap heat from your home inside, in the colder months. But they’re also designed to block heat rays from the sun to keep your home cooler in the summer.

This can save a great deal not just on heating costs but on the air conditioning on those stifling summer days.

Without double glazing, you’ll find that you’re paying a lot of money for heat that’s literally going out of the window.

How much could you save?

That depends on the type of windows you have installed (we’ll get to that- don’t worry) and your property's size.

A semi-detached home can expect to save £75-£110 a year on its heating bill with double glazed windows. A detached home could save as much as £120-£155 per year, while an apartment will typically save between £35 and £55 a year.

In fact, homes with double glazing can save up to 30% of their energy bills each year.

Plus, no more shivering cold winter mornings. No more stiflingly hot and sweaty summer afternoons.

modern conservatory with double glazed windows

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Unfortunately, single glazed windows can be a pretty big security risk. They are easy to break and can provide a point of ingress for burglars.

Even single layers of laminated or toughened glass can be breached. Double glazed windows. However, they provide you not only with twice the energy efficiency but twice the strength and security.

Increased soundproofing

Suppose you’re regularly bothered by noise from neighbours or passers-by. Maybe you struggle to sleep on a Friday night because of noise from tipsy revellers.

Or if you’re the first to hear about it when the next-door neighbour starts trimming their hedge, you’ll be delighted to hear that double glazed windows have another benefit.

They offer superior soundproofing when compared to their single glazed counterparts. Because double glazed windows are thicker.

They’re much more effective when it comes to blocking nearby noise from neighbours, pets and passers-by.

The right kind of double glazed windows can increase soundproofing by up to 35 decibels!

Reduced interior fading

Don’t you just hate it when your beloved armchair gets a pale patch on the arm from years of exposure to the sun? Or when your beloved rug or carpet sports a faded line straight down the middle?

Exposure to the sun can fade some dyes, inks and paints, and this can reduce the aesthetic value of your home’s furnishings.

Fortunately, the same technology that keeps the heat from the sun out of your home also blocks the UV rays that can cause this fading.
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Increase the value of your home

Double glazing is highly desirable in any home and will be extremely useful to you should you decide to sell up and move to a new property.

Not only can double glazing add to the appeal of your home, but it can also add as much as 10% to your property’s value.

As you can see, there are many significant benefits to double glazing, which, over time, more than mitigates the upfront costs.

How do they work?

Chartwell green double glazed windows with a purple front door
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The benefits of double glazed windows are undoubtedly impressive. But can one extra layer of glass accomplish so much?

It can seem hard to believe until you take the time to learn how double glazed windows work.

Double glazing reduces heat loss by limiting how much heat can escape from your property through two of the three processes by which heat is transferred; conduction and convection.

Conduction involves the transfer of heat through a material. When heat from your home’s interior hits the glass, it is then transferred through the panel of glass to the outside world.

Heat can be conductive through a single pane of glass fairly quickly, passing through the pane into the outside world.

Double glazing helps to prevent this process.

Not only are there twice as many panes (thereby making the process of conduction harder, the conducted heat is transferred into the air (or other inert gas) between the panels. This is where the process of convection comes in.

The process

Convection takes place when heat is transferred through a moving liquid or a gas. In the case of double glazed windows.

There is a space between the panes containing air (or in some cases another gas like argon), which inhibits conduction.

Air is a poor conductor of heat. So the vacuum in double glazed windows helps to prevent the conducted heat from convecting.

Because it addresses the issues of conduction and convention simultaneously. Double glazing can be extremely effective in limiting the transfer of heat through your windows.

How much should you expect to pay for double glazed windows?

This is a tricky one to answer because there are so many variables at play.

The amount you can expect to pay depends on the size and style of the windows you want to replace. It can also depend on what kind of glass you want to use (not all double glazed windows are created equal, as we’ll see later).

And of course, it can depend on your property's size and how many windows it has.

However, while your average may vary, we can provide you with a ballpark figure.

The average cost of double glazing is somewhere between £400 and £600 per window. So by the rule of thumb, it will cost you around £2,000 to install 4 double glazed windows in an apartment.

This makes it between £4,800 and £7,200 in an average-sized UK home.

However, as we’ll discuss towards the end of this article. There may be a lot you can do to ameliorate those costs by applying for relevant grant assistance.

What’s more, it’s important to remember that you are in the driving seat as a consumer. By arming yourself with knowledge of the different types of windows out there.

Then you can get a clear idea of what kind is best for your home and your family.

When you have a clear idea of what you want.

You’ll be able to get the best deals on the market, and you’ll be less likely to be swayed by pushy sales professionals trying to sell you a host of unnecessary extra features.
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What are the different types of double-glazed windows?

internal view of double glazed windows
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When it comes to the different types of windows, consumers need to consider two things.

They need to consider the window style that needs to be replaced, and they need to consider the kind of glass which will be used.

Broadly speaking, double glazing installations all work in fundamentally the same way.

Your old windows are removed, and a new self-contained, made-to-measure unit is fitted to replace them. This is then sealed in place to ensure that no heat escapes through the interstice between your wall and your window.

After all, it doesn’t matter how energy efficient your windows are if the seal around them is ruptured. This is why it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your sealant and top it up every few years.

Not all installations are the same.

While most installations are the same. The materials used in the frame and the kinds of glass vary per the consumer’s needs and budget.

Most double glazed windows that you see, particularly older windows, are made from Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or UPVC.

These are popular for several reasons. They’re affordable, and they are cheap to produce.

They’re also highly durable, and they’re readily recyclable. However, if your home’s aesthetic ers on the side of tradition and the contemporary look and feel of UPVC could be alien to your property. You have other options.

Recent advances in double glazing technology have allowed frames to be constructed with wood and/or aluminium.

If there is a better fit for your home and it would work every bit as well as UPVC.

In some cases, the window frame itself is treated with an insulating layer to restrict heat loss through the frame. These are called “thermally broken” windows.

A layer of reinforced polyamide is sandwiched between the interior and exterior frame profiles to provide an extra layer of protection.

The great thing about double glazed windows is that they can be incorporated into window frames of any size in various styles.

When it comes to the glass itself, consumers have a choice of a few different options depending on their budget and energy savings/security/soundproofing needs.

Some of these include;

Float glass

Float glass is the most common technique used to create double glazed windows. Developed by British engineer Sir Alastair Pilkington.

In the 1950s, the method involves floating melted glass on top of a layer of molten metal. This produces a uniform and perfectly flat finish.

This is how most glass windows are made today, but because it sounds fancy, some less scrupulous salespeople may try to make it sound like a selling point.

Low Emissivity Glass

Also known as Low e Glass, or Thermally broken glass, this involves applying a thin metal ‘low e’ coating to one side of the pane, adding an extra layer of insulation.

This restricts the amount of heat that is transferred between either side of the glass, thereby increasing the installation's energy efficiency.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is best suited to the extra security conscious. In some cases, they are known as hurricane windows as they are excellent at protecting in the event of extreme weather.

Although they can also keep even the most determined intruders at bay. All double glazed windows are inherently more secure than their single glazed counterparts.

Laminated glass provides an extra layer of security (quite literally, in fact).

Laminated glass panels are made from two sheets of glass that are bonded together by a laminate layer. Usually made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), sandwiched between them.

This results in the pane holding itself together if it breaks, rather than exploding into small, jagged pieces.

Laminated glass is also one of the best kinds of glass for soundproofing.
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Toughened glass

Toughened glass does pretty much what it says on the tin. It is glass that has been strengthened using heat tempering processes.

Not only does this help glass to maintain its integrity when struck. But it also helps to ensure that even if it should break, the pane will crumble into small chunks.

Rather than exploding inwards in dangerously sharp jagged shards. This type of glass is commonly used in car windscreens and the country’s few telephone boxes.

Double glazing that uses toughened glass provides extra safety and security for your peace of mind.

As you can see, there are numerous common manufacturing methods when it comes to double glazing. All of them have their own inherent advantages.

Hopefully, this clears up any misconceptions you’ve held about double glazing and the science behind the bold claims you’ve seen made about its efficacy.

The more you know about the different ways in which double glazed windows are made, the easier it is to choose the right solution for your home.

What colours and styles do double glazed windows come in?

Internal view of double glazed bi fold doors
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Let’s be honest, the technology behind the glass and what goes into making the frame are important considerations.

But they mean nothing if your new window looks like an eyesore when it’s installed in your home.

Many homeowners want to know that when they replace their windows with new double glazed alternatives. That they won’t do so at the expense of their home’s aesthetic.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the different styles of windows that can be double glazed for a seamless fit;

Single-hung windows

Single-hung windows look great in all kinds of properties. On a single hung window, the top sash is fixed in place.

Although the bottom sash can be opened to provide ventilation for your home.

Double-hung windows

Double-hung windows, on the other hand. Allow you to move both the top and the bottom sashes to provide greater ventilation for your home.

These are great for busy kitchens, for example, or bathrooms that need to let out hot air and steam.

Awning windows

Awning windows have a hinge at the top of the frame and open outwards from the bottom. They are great for getting lots of natural light in and work well in confined spaces.

Horizontal sliders

Slider windows use two sashes on a track that open and close horizontally. These are well suited to shorter, wider panoramic frames.

Bay and bow windows

Internal view of double glazing
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Bay and bow windows are projecting windows that sit in the alcoves of your rooms. They can add a wonderful focal while letting in lots of natural light.

They have three faces, including a wide front and two shorter sides.

Casement windows

Casement windows are attached via a hinge to one side of the frame and open outwards for a traditional look and feel.

Tilt & Turn windows

When these open, they can be tilted and turned on a central pivot, making them easy to clean on both sides.


These are the most expensive kinds of double glazed windows, but they can be truly spectacular. They run right across the length of a wall letting in lots of natural light and offering stunning views.


Front view of a house with chartwell green windows and a purple front door
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There was a time when all UPVC windows were white. But now, they come in a wide range of colours and textures to provide a woodgrain or coloured effect.

Thus, even if timber frames are out of your price range, you can still enjoy UPVC exteriors which look for all the world like oak, cherry, rosewood or mahogany at a glance.

You can also get UPVC frames in a range of solid colours, including black, grey, green, blue and red.

However, by the rule of thumb, you can expect to pay 10-15% more for coloured windows than you would pay for the same window in white.

Who are The British Fenestration Rating Council, and what are BFRC ratings?

Sometimes, no matter how much research you do into the right kind of windows for you. You just need a quick reference guide to determine how well your chosen windows will keep your home insulated.

Then how much they will drive your energy bills down. The British Fenestration Rating Council aim to do exactly that by implementing a traffic light system that provides consumers with quick and easy reference.

Their criteria for energy efficiency for a window is typically based on three factors;

To comply with BFRC regulations, new window installations must achieve a C rating, but ratings go as high as A++ and as low as E.

It’s worth noting, however, that there is no statutory requirement for manufacturers to display the energy ratings of their windows.

But if they are not keen to share this information with you, this should set alarm bells ringing.


When researching double glazing companies near you. It’s a good idea to check the BFRC ratings of windows that they offer you.

However, keep in mind that it’s completely up to you which kinds of double glazed windows you install. If you think that A++ rated windows would be surplus to requirements in your studio apartment. Don’t let yourself be pressured into choosing them.

The Glass and Glazing Federation actually has a useful calculator which can help you to get a good idea of how much you can expect to save with your new windows.

It’s up to you to balance that with how much you’re prepared to spend on your new installation, given your current energy usage and how long you expect to stay in the property.

While the BFRC rating system is by no means infallible and doesn’t necessarily take other important considerations like security and soundproofing into account.

It remains a useful quick reference guide that shows consumers how much energy efficiency they’re getting for their money.

How do I get a quote for double glazed windows?

As with anything else, the key to getting the best quote for double glazed windows is shopping around. There was a time before the internet had the ubiquitous presence that it has in today’s households.

Consumers were beholden to the prices available from local companies. They’d make calls, and then glazing companies would send a representative over to subject homeowners to a high-pressure sales pitch in their living rooms.

Thankfully, today’s consumers are far better positioned to get a great deal. The internet makes it much easier to find local double glazing companies.

Also, many will allow you to use a calculator on their website to get a zero-obligation quote without even having to converse with a sales representative.

However, it’s worth noting that someone will likely come to inspect the property to ensure that the quote you’ve gotten online is accurate and correct for your property.

Even if they don’t have the facilities to get a quote on their website, pretty much most companies will offer a free quote to anyone who requests them.

Just don’t make the mistake of assuming that the first quote you’re offered is the best. A sales rep may say they’re making you a “once in a lifetime offer”.

They may make a show of calling their boss to try and get you an additional discount if you book there and then. However, never forget that you’re in the driver’s seat.


Get as many quotes as you can from as many companies in your area as possible. You may find that there’s a surprising amount of difference between quotes, even for the same windows.

Check out Google reviews for local companies and resources like Trustpilot to ensure that the company you have in mind has a reputation for quality and good value for money.

Don’t forget that local companies know that they have a lot of competition and will likely take steps to ensure that you choose them instead of their nearest competitors.

If, for example, you like the online reputation of one company, but another can offer you the same windows at a lower price, they may be amenable to the idea of price matching.

Just make sure that they are definitely like-for-like quotes before asking a company for a price match.

How long do double glazed windows last?

One of the many great things about double glazed windows is that they’re a long term investment. Once installed, they can continue to provide you with energy savings, as well as a quieter, more temperate and more secure home for decades.

In fact, you can expect double glazed windows to last for an average of 20 years or even as long as 35 years. It all depends on the quality of the materials used as well as the proficiency of the installation.

Why don’t double glazed windows last forever? Over time the gas between the panes of glass can seep out, thereby diminishing their ability to impede conduction through the glass.

Once around 25% of the gas has escaped, you may start to see a noticeable difference in the window’s energy efficiency.

Don’t worry. You don’t necessarily have to replace your windows after this time. You may find that a secondary glazing measure like an extra layer of transparent film or a semi-permanent fixture can extend your windows’ lifespan even after the gas within them has depleted.

What’s more, most manufacturers will guarantee their windows for at least 10 years against any issues caused by manufacturing defects.
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Double glazing installer installing cream windows

If you are looking for the best double-glazing installers, you have come to the right place. Not only can we help you find the best ones, but we can also give you access to some pretty exciting funding options to help reduce or cover the cost of replacing your windows and doors.

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Using Double Glazing Funding To Find a Double Glazing Installer will bring many benefits to any home. Nowadays, new-build properties must be constructed with double-glazed windows throughout.

Often, construction companies will also install UPVC windows and doors to provide further benefits for the home.

However, a lot of people still live in old properties that were built many decades ago. As such, you might not have double glazing in your home.

This puts you at a disadvantage considering that double glazing can help you save so much money on your energy bills.

Not only that, but many homeowners may have old double-glazing or window fixtures that could do with an upgrade.

However, Using Double Glazing Funding To Find a Double Glazing Installer

If you’re looking for Double Glazing Funding, Find a Double Glazing Installer of UPVC windows or UPVC doors to improve your property. Then you must search for the best double glazing installers around. Additionally, you must find installers who are affordable and fit your budget.

This creates one significant issue for many property owners; you may be unable to afford the total cost of UPVC windows/doors double glazing installation.

  Apply for grant

Thankfully, Using Double Glazing Funding To Find a Double Glazing Installer is here to offer a few different solutions that you may find helpful.

We help you find double-glazing installers, and we also help you find grants or different funding options to try and cover installation costs.

If you want to know how all of this works, then please continue reading this guide:

Check if you qualify for grants, funding, or incentives

There are three central grants/funding options available to you. We’ll explain each one in more detail throughout this guide, but the first thing to be aware of is whether or not you’ll qualify.

These grants or funding options aren’t available for everyone. Using Double Glazing Funding To Find a Double Glazing Installer. Ideally, they’ve reserved for homeowners who want to improve their property but can’t afford it.

The chances of qualifying are increased if you’re carrying out a double-glazing renovation because your old windows are broken, outdated, or leaking condensation everywhere.

It’s so easy to see if you qualify for any of the options available to you. We have a simple Grant Checker that you can fill out in a few minutes.

All you need to do is put in all the relevant details, and you’ll find out if you qualify. The preliminary information we require is as follows:

Then, we need personal details to contact you, and you can check your qualification status.

Could you qualify for free windows & doors?
UK Homeowners could be eligible
  • Reduce Your Energy Bills
  • Free No Obligation Assesment
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do you qualify?

From here, you’ll be presented with three different funding options that can help you pay for the installation of your new UPVC windows and doors with double glazing.

Below, we’ll run through each funding option and how it can help you out.

Free Windows & Doors Help2Buy Windows Grant (Qualifying Criteria Apply)

Depending on your situation, you may qualify for this grant on the Help to Buy Windows Scheme.

In essence, you can get brand new UPVC doors and UPVC windows installed in your home with absolutely zero costs incurred. It’s the ideal solution, but this grant is typically reserved for particular cases and is assessed individually.

Your chances of meeting the qualifying criteria for this grant are increased if it’s proven that your home needs new double glazing windows and doors.

For example, your current windows might leak or create draughts – or they might be severely damaged.

Of course, it all depends on each homeowner, so it’s well worth checking to see if you’re qualified anyway.

The chances are you’ll probably qualify for either of the other options, so you have nothing to lose by seeing if you can get this grant.

Naturally, this grant is the best one as it will cost you absolutely nothing to get a new set of windows and doors.

We must note that this scheme has nothing to do with the UK government – it’s not part of the help-to-buy scheme they run for people trying to buy houses.

This is 100% funded by Help to Buy Windows, and the money is raised through selling leads to various clients.

The Help2Buy Windows Scheme was set up to help people in need. Thousands of people up and down the country are still living in homes without double glazing.

As a result, you’re paying over the odds for your energy bills every month. These inflated bills will add up throughout the year, meaning you waste hundreds of pounds on energy. It’s unnecessary, and you can save a lot of cash with a simple window upgrade.

So, the scheme was created to bring more energy-efficient windows and doors to people who can’t afford them.

Window & Door Funding (Qualifying Criteria Apply)

The second funding option allows you to spread the costs of double glazing installation, making it far more comfortable for you to manage. If you don’t qualify for the Help2Buy Windows Grant, you’ll be offered this option instead. 

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The second funding option allows you to spread the costs of double glazing installation, making it far more comfortable for you to manage. If you don’t qualify for the Help2Buy Windows Grant, you’ll be offered this option instead.

We work with various installation partners who provide their funding options for you. We’ll set you up with the most reputable installers in the UK, so you can trust that they’ll do a fantastic job and provide excellent value for money.

The funding varies from company to company as Help to Buy Windows does not supply it. However, the options all follow the same principle; you’re given money to help cover the installation costs, and then you pay it back over time in a more manageable fashion.


This funding option lets you spread the costs and prevents you from spending a massive sum of money all in one go. For many homeowners, this is one of your key concerns.

You know you can theoretically afford double glazing installation and UPVC doors/windows, but you don’t want to spend loads of money all in one go.

If you do, it’ll mean you spend a good few months living on scraps as you’ve spent most of your bank account balance.

As a result, many of you will probably turn to personal loans to help pay for home improvements like double glazing and UPVC window installation.

However, the problem with loans is you still need to put down a deposit, and they often come with dangerous interest rates. Thankfully, funding for this option rarely requires an initial deposit.

You’re assessed based on your case, which helps you figure out the level of funding you need. Then, we pass you to one of our trustworthy installation partners, and they’ll talk you through their specific financing.

So, this funding option works best for homeowners who can afford this home improvement but need to spread the costs over a more extended period. If you fail to qualify for the primary grant, then this option will always be open for you.

While we can’t provide you with a full list of funding options available, we can show you a few of the possibilities that our partners have offered in the past:

Best 4 Less Guaranteed

The final option is an incredible incentive that helps you slash the costs of UPVC windows and doors. If you are looking to buy your brand new windows and doors separately – then find an installer to fit them – then the Best 4 Less Guaranteed scheme is perfect for you.

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You can buy your UPVC doors or windows directly from the manufacturer. This completely cuts out all the typical wholesale and retail costs of buying new windows.

Usually, when you go to buy them from a retail company, the windows and doors have been passed through so many different hands. The manufacturer sells them to someone who sells them to a wholesaler, who sells them to retail companies.

Throughout this process, the markup is added to them whenever they change hands. Essentially, they become more expensive as each company looks to profit from them.

Could you qualify for free windows & doors?
UK Homeowners could be eligible
  • Reduce Your Energy Bills
  • Free No Obligation Assesment
  • Increase Your Home Value
  • Rated #1 On Trustpilot

do you qualify?

An Example

For example, the manufacturer may sell them for £1000 to a wholesaler. Now, the wholesaler sells them to retail companies for £1200 to ensure they make a profit on each one.

As such, the retailers could sell them for £1500+ to make sure they also make a profit. Therefore, when you buy the products, you’re overpaying for them.

With Best 4 Less, you go straight to the manufacturer. Instead of dealing with inflated prices, you get them for what they’re genuinely worth.

We regularly find that UPVC windows and doors are worth 40% more than the manufacturer initially sold them for when you buy them from retailers or installers.

So, by using the Best 4 Less Guarantee, you can save around 40% on your windows and doors.

We only deal with the most prominent and respectable installers in the country, so quality is 100% guaranteed. You will not find better quality or value out there at all.

Another benefit of getting your windows/doors through this scheme is that they never change hands. The more an item changes hands, the more it loses its quality.

So, you get them fresh from the manufacturer and are the first people to handle them!

Find the best double-glazing installers in the UK.

After installing a new set of uPVC doors

All of these funding options and incentives can help make double glazing more affordable for you. However, you still need to have access to double-glazing installers.

Regardless of which funding option or incentive you choose, Double Glazing Funding will help with the installation side of things.

When you’re ready, you can ask us to find quotes from the most trustworthy and highly-rated double glazing installers in the country. We’ll find companies that cover all areas of the UK, so it doesn’t matter where you live.

You must get your double glazing windows and doors installed by consummate professionals with years of experience.

The benefit of doing your research through us is that you don’t have to do any research! Usually, it can take days for you to go through all the different double glazing installers, read reviews, and collect quotes.

This is incredibly stressful, particularly when you want things to happen as fast as possible. Double Glazing Funding does all of this for you by providing you with quotes from the best contractors around.

We take your budget into account, so you’re only faced with quotes that are relevant to you.

Now, you can go ahead and install UPVC double glazing windows/doors throughout your home.

Could you qualify for free windows & doors?
UK Homeowners could be eligible
  • Reduce Your Energy Bills
  • Free No Obligation Assesment
  • Increase Your Home Value
  • Rated #1 On Trustpilot

do you qualify?

What are the benefits of applying for funding?

As you can see, there are some excellent funding options that you can try and apply for. The question is, why is this beneficial for you? Well, here are some reasons to seek out funding or incentives:

Why do you need double-glazing?

Bay double glazing window

Some may be wondering whether or not all of this is worth it. Yes, it can take a while to get everything in order and finally have your double glazing windows installed. Plus, the installation process can be a bit intrusive.

Contact Double Glazing Funding

However, it’s well worth it because of the benefits double glazing brings to your home – and the quality of your life! Here’s what you will enjoy when you have double glazing:

To make things even better, you can pair double glazing with UPVC doors and windows. UPVC is a popular material as it is incredibly durable and robust.


We’ll finish by saying that double glazing is one of the best home improvements you can make.

So, we urge you to use the Double Glazing Fund to find the best installers and the best funding/incentives out there.

First, check what funding you’re eligible for, and then our team will help you find drivers that suit your requirements.

uPVC front door in modern window and door styles
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If you're investigating new Window & Door Styles, you're in luck. In 2023, you have more choice than ever to find a design that perfectly complements your home.

Not only that, but the range of UPVC windows and UPVC doors has dramatically improved from just a decade ago. You can now fully replicate most traditional styles in full UPVC glory.

Giving you all of the benefits of double glazing but with none of the old drawbacks. Meaning you have access to so many more window styles.

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The only question that remains is: what's out there? In this article, we're going to take a look at the Window & Door Styles available in 2023.

What you'll notice is that there are now styles for people with wildly different aesthetic preferences, as well as windows and doors that offer new functionality.

What's surprising is the breathtaking range of windows and doors now available, giving homeowners complete control over performance and external appearance. Let's take a look at what's out there.

Roof Windows

The category of roof windows is very general but an important one: many homeowners now want roof windows for a variety of settings.

Roof windows are becoming popular not only for loft conversions but for single-story kitchen extensions too.

The category of roof windows is very general but an important one: many homeowners now want roof windows for a variety of settings.

Roof windows are becoming popular not only for loft conversions but for single-story kitchen extensions too.

The reason for their popularity is simple: light. Roof windows, better than practically any other style of window in the home, let in copious quantities of sunlight, helping to enliven a room throughout the day.

You'd be amazed at just what a difference a large roof window can make to the atmosphere in a place. It's transformative.

What types of roof windows are there? The main variety is, of course, the skylight. Skylights come in two main varieties: those that open and those which are fixed in place.

Most homeowners will want the first type, especially if you can reach the window without the help of a step ladder. Others, however, will choose fixed for the lower cost and maintenance.

A skylight can reinvigorate a dull bedroom or kitchen. It can transform the space and make it more airy and lively, inspiring new interior decor schemes.

Skylights also help you to make the most of the space you have. People are much more likely to want to spend time in a room if the light is right.

Casement Windows

casement window in modern window and door styles
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Casement windows have been around for centuries and are among the simplest available in the UK. Casement windows attach to the window frame via a hinge.

The hinge can either be on the vertical sides of the frame or the top or bottom. Casement windows, therefore, can swing open in a variety of ways.

Casement windows were the most popular window & Door Styles in the country until the introduction of the sash window.

Old-fashioned casement windows contained many small pieces of glass held together by strips of lead.

Today, you can get a wide variety of different casement window styles, all of which vary in function and form.

As a homeowner looking to buy new windows, you'll soon realise that there are many different window types available for your home.

Sash Windows

Sash or vertically sliding windows do not swing open on hinges, like casement windows. Instead, you can open them by pulling up on a section of the window from the bottom or by pulling down from the top.

The benefit of sash Window & Door Styles is that they allow you to open them without anything swinging away from your home. Many homeowners prefer the aesthetic.

The popularity of sash windows fell in the 1960s during the home building boom, but they quickly returned, and in the 1990s, the shift to conservation brought a new appreciation for them.

Today's sash windows have UPVC frames, but you often can't tell. Double glazing manufacturers now create sash windows made to look like they are constructed out of traditional materials, like white-painted wood.

The new UPVC sash windows for 2023 overcome many shortcomings of old designs, such as heat loss in the winter, while keeping the innovative opening mechanism.

Types Of Window & Door Styles in Glass

In 2023, the number of window glass options for casement windows, sash windows and skylights was higher than ever. There are plenty of options from which you can choose.

Decorative Glass.

In 2023, you didn't need to choose just plain, clear glass, even when purchasing double-glazed UPVC windows. Decorative glass incorporates any type that departs from the clear, transparent norm.

Manufacturers vary decorative glass in numerous ways, including colour, texture and opacity. You can, for instance, buy glass with an embossed finish for bathrooms and cloakrooms to reduce visibility.

Likewise, you can install decorative glass on statement windows, such as living room bay windows or stairwell windows, to create a dramatic impact.

As a consumer today, you have full control over how your windows appear. You can get double-glazing companies to replicate your favourite designs, no matter what the appearance of the original.

Security glass.

Crime is on a downward trend in many countries, including the UK, but that doesn't mean that the demand for security glass has dried up.

Security glass is a toughened glass designed to withstand a range of insults, from petty vandalism to sledgehammer impacts.

Security glass uses a unique manufacturing process which makes it more difficult to smash or break through once cracked.

It's ideal for people who live in unsafe neighbourhoods or those living in areas targeted by burglars.

Fire glass

Fire glass is a special kind of glass that helps to protect homes from smoke or flames. You see fire glass most often in shared accommodation.

Window & Door Styles with Self-Cleaning Glass

UPVC window and door manufacturers know that homeowners would prefer not to clean their windows if they can get away with it.

Unfortunately, traditional glass has an annoying habit of attracting dirt and grime from the outside world. Self-cleaning glass, however, deals with this problem almost entirely.

It works by using a thin film of material that covers the window.

The material is transparent but breaks down dirt and helps water spread to clean it off. Self-cleaning windows, therefore, never need special cleaning attention.

Energy-saving glass

Energy-saving glass is popular among today's homeowners. Also called "low-E glass," this type acts as a natural insulator, preventing warmth inside the home from leaking.

It works in conjunction with the natural insulating properties of double-glazing to cut energy bills.

Acoustic glass

Noise pollution is a scourge in many towns and cities in the UK. The sound of helicopters, motorbikes and police sirens is enough to drive anybody mad.

However, double-glazing companies now supply a particular type of acoustic glass. It takes the energy out of sound waves, helping to quieten the noise inside your home (at least when you close your windows).

Varieties Of Window & Door Styles

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The range of window and door frames available in 2023 has also exploded.

PVC Frames

bay window
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PVC is a type of plastic that dates back to the 1930s. It's still popular today, thanks to its ability to insulate and protect against condensation buildup.

You most commonly see PVC frames on double-glazed windows and doors, and they require surprisingly little maintenance. Window Frame style can differ depending on which style of window you choose.

Companies in the UK offer uPVC windows in a variety of colours. These include:

What you'll notice is that many of the window & Door Styles that are available in colour/texture combinations attempt to recreate traditional styles.

The colours seem to be popular in some areas of the country, for instance, Anthracite Grey can be found more commonly in the East of England compared to the rest of the country.

Timber Frames Window and Door Styles

Timber frames will remain popular in 2023, primarily for traditional homes. Most timber frames are hardwood and highly durable.

Being made of natural materials, however, timber frames require higher maintenance, even if you use the latest wood treatment techniques.

Aluminium frames

Double-glazing companies used aluminium-framed windows and doors in the early days of the double-glazing revolution in the 1970s.

Thanks to lower costs and better-insulating properties, UPVC replaced aluminium. However, aluminium remains a popular choice, especially in contemporary or ultra-modern homes.

Varieties Of Door Styles And Materials In 2023

modern window and door style
The type of door styles and materials will continue to expand in the UK in 2023, giving homeowners an enormous choice over the appearance and function of their exterior doors.

Composite doors are trendy right now. Composite doors are a type of high-performance door that is designed to keep heat in the home and intruders out.

The core of the door can be made out of wood, but manufacturers wrap it in a glass-reinforced plastic: a unique material which not only insulates but provides tremendous strength.

The great thing about glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) is that you can mould it into any shape you like. Many double-glazing companies offer GRP doors with a wood-effect finish.

The grain is highly convincing, meaning that these ultra-high-tech doors do not look out of place, even on traditional properties.

GRP doors are, in the view of many, a step up on UPVC doors, thanks to the ability to customise their appearance.

However, manufacturers have improved the aesthetics of UPVC doors dramatically, offering a cost-effective solution for budget-conscious buyers.

You can, of course, choose traditional wood doors, but, like windows, they require additional maintenance and may not last as long.
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In conclusion, the 2023 market for windows and doors offers a vast range of options for homeowners, from roof windows that let in copious amounts of light to casement windows that have been popular for centuries and sash windows with innovative UPVC frames. Decorative glass options and security glass are also available for homeowners to personalize their windows and doors to their aesthetic preferences and security needs. With the improvement in UPVC windows and doors, homeowners have complete control over performance and appearance.

cream double glazing 2023
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Despite its many benefits, some homeowners have delayed getting double glazing for various reasons.

However, technology and aesthetic advancements have improved the efficacy of UPVC windows and doors and enhanced their appearance.

With many benefits derived from modern double glazing, 2023 could be the right time to improve your property with UPVC windows and doors.

Enhanced style

Although many liked the crisp white finish associated with UPVC doors and windows, it wasn’t to everyone’s taste.

If you were worried that standard UPVC windows and doors wouldn’t complement the exterior of your property. You’d be pleased to know that there is a range of other UPVC styles now available.

With the option to choose from a real wood finish to vibrant colours and modern, contemporary hues. UPVC windows and doors can enhance any property.

Whether you’re residing in a country manor or living in a sleek townhouse, there are UPVC options to suit your style and your budget.

Improved insulation

Technology evolves consistently, and the advancements surrounding double-glazing are no different.

While UPVC double glazing has always outperformed single-glazed windows and doors, it’s now more useful than ever.

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With various tints designed to reflect heat and maintain internal temperatures. UPVC windows and doors offer improved insulation and more advanced technology.

If one part of your property catches the midday sun while another is in a constant dark patch. You could use varying glass and tints to help maintain a consistent temperature throughout your property, for example.

Increased glass options

When double glazing was first introduced to the residential market, there were relatively few options regarding the type of glass that was fitted. However, homeowners now have a range of choices to consider when they’re having their property double-glazed.

Although standard UPVC windows and doors are more robust and durable than single-glazed windows. You could enhance their performance further by selecting toughened glass for your UPVC doors and windows.

Toughened glass, sometimes referred to as tempered glass, has been heated to increase its strength, so it’s even less likely to break.

However, should the worst happen, A broken tempered glass window is expected to be less dangerous than standard glass. When tempered glass breaks, it doesn’t shatter. Instead, it fragments into small chunks, which pose less of a safety risk to anyone in or near the property.

If you’re particularly safety or security conscious, you may even want to opt for laminated glass. Designed to hold the pane of glass in place in the (unlikely) event of a breakage. Laminated glass is routinely referred to as safety glass or security glass.

As well as helping to minimise the risk of injuries caused by broken glass. It also helps to prevent anyone from gaining access via a broken window due to having an added layer of laminate in place.

Low E glass

Low E glass is another option to consider if you want to have the latest UPVC windows and doors installed in 2023. The low-emissivity glass increases the energy efficiency of your double glazing. It offers even better insulation for your property.

Using an ultra-thin coating to reflect heat, low E glass helps. It successfully retains heat in your home and stops it from being wasted.

In addition to this, low E glass can successfully reduce the amount of ultraviolet light and infrared coming into your property. It will, therefore, prevent harmful UV rays from reaching you and your family.

Noise control glass can be a great option if you live in a particularly loud area, such as near a motorway or under a flight path.

Although standard UPVC windows and doors will reduce external noise by around 75%, specialist noise control glass can minimise external noise disturbance even more.

If you want to limit the amount of noise that can penetrate your home, replacing standard double glazing or single glazing with noise-control glass can be highly effective.

With increased functionality and efficacy, double glazing offers more benefits than it did years ago.

While standard double glazing is still superior to single glazing, the myriad options available means that homeowners can improve their homes considerably by opting for the latest UPVC doors and windows.

Add decorative windows

Black flush fitting casements
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As well as adjusting the functionality of your double glazing, modern UPVC doors and windows can be modified to enhance the visual appeal of your property too.

As well as choosing realistic wood-inspired frames and coloured finishes, you can opt for decorative windows also.

If you want to add character to your property, for example, you may choose sliding sash double glazing. Alternatively, you may want to add a transom window above your front door or an arched window as a feature of your property.

Similarly, double glazing can cover larger areas without spoiling your view with additional fitments, so it’s perfect for bay windows, sliding patio doors and picture windows.

With so many choices of window styles, you can make your home as unique as you like, all while benefiting from the added security, efficiency and functionality of double glazing.

Increasing property values

upvc double glazed windows fitted

If you’ve yet to install double glazing in your property, you could increase its value by doing so now.

UPVC doors and windows have always boosted property values, simply because of the added insulation and security they offer, in conjunction with the decreased energy costs they deliver.

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However, with more modern UPVC windows and doors available, you can increase the value of your property even further.

If you knew you’d be selling your property at some point, waiting to double-glaze your home may have been a savvy financial decision.

By installing UPVC doors and windows nearer to the sale time, you can advertise your property with the latest double-glazing technology and styles.

As a result, you’ll be able to maximise the property’s value and potentially sell your home for a far higher price.

Is double glazing as good as it seems?

If you’re the cautious type, you may have postponed getting double glazing until you’d seen the results.

With many homeowners investing in UPVC windows and doors around the same time, it may have made sense to play the long game and see if it was worth it.

Now the results are in, and you can confidently upgrade your home. The benefits of double glazing are already well-established, and they’re getting better all the time, so 2023 is the perfect time to replace existing windows and doors with UPVC.

Of course, you may have been waiting until you were eligible for double-glazing funding and financial assistance. If so, you could get all the benefits of UPVC windows and doors with minimal outlay or no outlay at all!

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With various funding options available, many homeowners can obtain double glazing for free or at a significantly reduced cost. Home improvement grants are a great way to secure low-cost double glazing, for example, and they’re available to many homeowners.

Perhaps you wanted to see whether the advertised funding options were as good as they sounded. With many householders having already benefited from the generous funding available for double glazing, why wait any longer?

To find out more about UPVC windows and doors, as well as your funding options, contact us at Double Glazing Funding at 0330 808 1074.